Trading in forex isn't as simple as it's believed to be. There are many misunderstandings and questions that people look for. Our team members who are offering reviews of various forex brokers are trying to eliminate all confusion and confusion by providing our content. Here are a few questions regarding our team, services and forex. For more information, check out these FAQs. If you are still in any confusion, please reach us by email.

  1. Do I have to pay for your services?

No. Our service is free of charge. We earn money only by showing ads.


  1. Why haven't I received an activation confirmation email?

Your email provider could have put the activation message in your spam folder. If you can't locate it in your spam folder, we can request that we return the email to you.

  1. Is my private data safe?

We are taking all possible steps to ensure that your data is secure. Your data is stored securely within our system. In addition, if you consent to the cookies we use, then do not collect your personal information.

  1. What frequency do you update data?

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  1. How do I remove my forex application and then unsubscribe the broker?

It is easy to delete this app by following simple steps your device provides. In the event that you decide to subscribe to the broker's service, you could easily log out of it.

  1. How much cash is required to open a Forex account?

If you are planning to engage in forex trading during the times of day, we advise opening an account that has at least $500 and possibly $5000 to ensure an appropriate revenue stream. It is possible to earn more than $60 daily if you trade at least $30 per day.

  1. Do I need to be rich in forex?

The simple and quick solution is yes. If you are aware of the strategies and you trade properly you will earn profits and make a fortune. Forex trading is a mastery and , like all mastery skills requires patience, effort and experience to master and grow.

  1. How long will it take to master forex?

The basics of Forex can take around a week. Practicing using the Demo account can take about three months. The first time when you create an account that is live it becomes difficult as trading on the demo account and live accounts are distinct. However, everything falls to a logical conclusion with the passage of the passage of time.

  1. What are the most reputable forex brokers?

Here is a list of the top forex brokers.

  •     xm 

  •     FBS 

  •     IC Market 

  •     Exness 

  • IG

  • Pepperstone

  1. Do brokers have the right to take my money?

When traders deposit funds in a broker, fraud or shady brokers are able to taking your funds. Certain brokers swap with their customers' orders and charge them with commissions and spreads that are unjustified. Some brokers also are able to steal budgets of customers and shut down their shops or reopen under a different name. To avoid falling victim to such scams, check whether the broker has been verified by an authentic verification agency.