Minimum Deposit

Min 1-2000 Max


Min 1-2000 Max

Established On

Min 1900-2022 Max

Investment banking and brokerage services providers function as a type of agent that specializes in selling securities products, such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds. Brokers work with a wide variety of people and businesses that may have small or large amounts of money to invest.

Investment banks might also act as a broker or advisor for clients (although they do not offer such diverse services as a typical brokerage firm). Commercial banks work directly with individuals and businesses.

Steps to Becoming a Stockbroker

  1. Earn a Bachelor's Degree. Stockbrokers need to have an extensive understanding of finance, and most brokerage firms require candidates to have at least a bachelor's degree. ...
  2. Earn a Master of Business Administration. ...
  3. Gain Professional Experience. ...
  4. Pass Required Qualification Exams.