Minimum Deposit

Min 1-2000 Max


Min 1-2000 Max

Established On

Min 1900-2022 Max

Skrill is an excellent way to fund your forex trading account, but remember that not all brokers accept this payment method. Inside this article, we lay out the very best forex brokers in the market that accept Skrill. Our list is based on expert reviews and user ratings.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is a money transfer service which makes simple, quick, and secure digital payment transfers. Formerly known as “Moneybookers”, they’ve served businesses of all sizes, and personal endeavours with their payment services since 2001. Skrill’s focus is on low cost international money transfers made possible through the internet. It’s an online wallet where you can store funds, transfer funds, and use it as a payment method for a variety of websites.

Why use Skrill as Your Deposit/Withdrawal Method?

The use of Skrill to deposit and withdraw funds in your forex account can be a beautiful thing. It is fast, easy, and secure. Skrill can be hooked up directly to your bank account, so once transferred into your Skrill account you have the option to hold it or transfer to your bank account. All your credit card and account details are stored with Skrill all in one place, so the only information you need to transfer, is your username and password- a lot less hassle. Also as a VIP member you can reap the benefits they offer, such as a security token, multiple currency accounts, and loyalty points.

Benefits of Choosing a Broker that Accepts Skrill

Brokers who accept Skrill have a great deal of benefits. For instance, the transaction speeds with many forex brokers accepting Skrill is generally instant. Having the ability to withdraw profits or make payments is an important benefit with Skrill forex brokers. Another benefit, many forex brokers accepting Skrill give their customers special discounts and bonuses. In addition to this, Skrill also offers promotions and discounts with various brokers as well. Another important benefit, there are a large amount of forex brokers accepting Skrill, which gives you more options to whey in on when choosing the perfect broker for you.

How To Pick A Decent Broker With Skrill?

There are many brokers who use Skrill, but not all of them are the same. So how do you choose which one is right for you and your trading strategy? Well first off, like choosing any kind of broker you must research and look into the rules and regulations. It is important to understand the deposit and withdrawal options. In some cases, companies claim to accept Skrill, but only accept card payments through Skrill’s payment gateway. Also, as mentioned earlier, it is important to know what kind of special offers, promotions, and discounts brokers and Skrill might be offering.

Skrill Chargeback on Broker Account

As far as chargebacks go, Skrill doesn’t have the best reputation. Not like PayPal, or credit cards anyways. A successful chargeback is somewhat of a rare instance and requires a sufficient amount of proof on your part. Skrill doesn’t really support chargebacks, and will not go out of their way to complete them. However it is possible with the right evidence of a fraudulent transaction, but they will not cater to you like Paypal and credit card companies.


So what is certain is that Skrill is a highly efficient and inexpensive way to fund a trading account. Based on the above factors we have compiled a list of the very best and most reliable orex brokers that accept this payment method.