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Min 1-2000 Max


Min 1-2000 Max

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Min 1900-2022 Max

What is Currenex?

Currenex is a high-end trading platform that uses cutting-edge ECN technology. High-speed, low-latency trading, high-performance technology, and vast liquidity levels are all well-known features of the platform.

The Currenex platform is marketed to forex brokers as a “white label” solution, which allows the broker to brand it as their own.

Even though it isn’t promoted as “Currenex,” traders may find this platform through some brokers.

How does Currenex Work?

Currenex is an ECN system platform. It is a platform that integrates or aggregates the capabilities of several liquidity providers into one.

To find more about ECN brokers and how they work, please read our best ECN/STP forex brokers guide.

Currenex lets users connect to over 60 worldwide banks using the FIX protocol.

Thousands of institutions, hedge fund customers, and traders use Currenex at the same time to connect to various liquidity providers, view and interact with live streaming executable prices and many sophisticated forms of data.

Many retail foreign exchange brokerages can use the Currenex platform as a white label solution.

Retail traders can trade with various liquidity providers and obtain in-depth book information at any moment through brokerage companies.

The brokerages’ choice of liquidity providers affects the experience.

Top Features of the Currenex platform

Currenex, unlike other platforms, is more suited to skilled traders than to retail traders though it offers one of the most user-friendly charting interfaces available. In addition, it has a flexible charting function that allows traders to use various trading methods.

Currenex provides two versions: Classic and Viking Trader.

The Classic trading platform is more suited to large institutional traders. It gives you instant online access to all of your trading tools, as well as a range of charts and analytical tools.

While the Currenex Viking Trader is a Forex trading platform built specifically for retail traders. It has more stringent deposit size restrictions and offers a wide range of technical analysis capabilities.


Which is the difference between the Classic Version and the Viking Trader Version?

The Currenex Classic is a trading platform that Currenex forex brokers suggest, particularly to big institutional traders, whilst the Currenex Viking Trader is designed for retail forex traders.

What is white label technology?

Currenex’s white-label technology, which includes the option to modify front-end interfaces, is available to brokers. This solution ensures access to the forex markets as well as the ability to run a trading venue without the need for additional devices.