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  1. Who are Scalping Forex Brokers?
  2. Best Forex Brokers for Scalping
  3. What Broker to use for Scalping Futures?
  4. What type of Brokers is best for Forex Scalping?
  5. Scalping Brokers List

Who are Scalping Forex Brokers?

Scalping Forex brokers are Brokers who allow scalping as a trading strategy, Scalping uses the smallest currency price changes also allows to profit on a spread, means trader can buy at the Bid and sell at the Ask price within short time frame. However, this method requires a lot of attention and normally involves quick liquidation of the position, within seconds or minutes also intends to make as many small orders as possible. Read about Scalping on Wikipedia.

  • Usually scalping profits of each transaction are only a few pips, so scalping is useful with larger capital and high leverage, another essential part is a tight spread for Forex scalping. Or choose As brokers that are providing direct access to the market (non dealing desk brokers, STP brokers or ECN brokers) or using bridged technology with commission basis for Futures Scalping, Scalping Stocks, etc.
  • For scalping it is substantial to have good tools and optimize positive trading results which require direct access trading on detailed chartsLevel 2 quotations and instant execution of the orders.
  • There are many Scalping Forex Brokers since the strategy shows significant demand among international traders due to its rapid results. However, consider broker carefully as some companies under the regulatory requirements are not eligible to provide scalping.


💻 Scalping Strategy with Opening-Closing position at a small time-frame
📈Trading Instruments All, as offered by the Broker.
💰 Fees Spread or Commission as defined by Broker
💻 Platforms MT4, MT5, cTrader, NinjaTrader, TradeStation


Best Forex Broker for Scalping

Here is our selection of Best Broker for scalping selected by category and consists of only Regulated Brokers with highest rankings.

  • FBS– Lowest Spread Scalping Broker 2022
  • OANDA – Best Scalping Broker for Beginners 2022
  • FXTM – Best EAs Scalping Broker 2022
  • Pepperstone– Best for Scalping and EA Trading MT5 Broker 2022

What Broker to use for Scalping on Futures?

For true access to trade Futures select only regulated brokers like TraeStation or InteractiveBrokers for Scalping Futures.

What type of Brokers is best for Forex Scalping?

For Forex Scalping it is Best to select broker with Market Making or NDD execution with low spread offering.