Oanda Broker Reviews and Full Information

What exactly is Oanda?

Oanda was established by Dr. Sumr and Dr. Olsen in 1996, announced that he dealt with "all aspects of currency," from the conversion of currencies to offer FX data services to businesses , to provide worldwide online brokerage services that are available for individuals trying to trade on the FX and retail CFD markets.

Oanda gives clients exposure to different financial instruments, however it is appropriate for traders with experience who want an Star desktop trading experience. Products are offered in different regions. For instance, clients may only exchange FX however brokers provide rapid and secure execution of trades and research tools that exceed the industrial standards, functioning user interfaces, as well as verified the trace of regulatory control.

The site is well-organized to ensure transparency, with a focus on customer information and education, numerous interfaces for users, and the OYANA global regulation supervision position at the top of forex brokers online.




We accept U.S. clients

The fees for deposit and withdrawal are the same as those charged by banks.

Controlled By FCA and NFA

There are only two base currencies available

Good-designed platforms





10-Points Summary


USA along with authorized entities from Canada, UK, Japan, Singapore and Australia




Oanda trade, MT4


Forex as well as CFD trading, more than 100 instruments that include currency pairs indexes, commodities, metals and bonds, as well as futures trading and commodities futures

Spread EUR/USD

1.2 pip

Demo Account


Minimum deposit

No minimum requirement

Base currencies



Educational materials developed by the levels

Customer Service

Available 24/7

How Safe Are You With Oanda?

All funds from customers, in accordance to the regulations, are stored at the highest level of the account and are separated and secured through negative balance protection. When trading, Osa manages currency and risks by using risk management technologies, that is, the position of the entire client, automatically and in anonymity the position of the total client which is protected immediately.




Regulated by IFSC

The regulatory regimes vary in every jurisdiction, and thus provide

Protection against negative balance


Hedging is available




Oanda has relaunched its company in order to provide the most transparent trading for its clients and proved that it was able to do so. The year before, in 2020, Oandawa was voted the most transparent broker in for 2020, in the International Investor Awards.

Furthermore, OANDA's determination to open up the marketplace for financial transactions has also been acknowledged across the publishing and industrial industry with two awards within the industry. Oanda clients also have voted the business as the top choice for customer support, or in the quality of their money, as well as overall satisfaction of clients on a regular basis.

Is Oanda an e-commerce scam or safe?

Oanda Corporation is actually very licensed and regulated by various authorities due to its global reach and coverage of different jurisdictions.


Oanda separated by geographic areas and covers regions that include the US, Canadian, European, Asia and Australia markets are also authorized and regulated by the specific institution who oversees the trade industry. Of course, the regulations and rules in each jurisdiction differ slightly, but they all adhere to the same customer protection and transparency objectives in their market offerings.

Simply put, they are licensed and adheres to the rules which means that the broker is bound to international standards that evaluate the financial viability of the firm prior to its beginning, continuously during its business operations, and even incorporates client funds in the event that the company's bankruptcy happens within the limits that are specified.


Perhaps The company that is which is regulated could be in a safe position to trade because every action and step is extremely large and meet the operational guidelines.


North Korea

United States of America



Islamic Republic of Iran




The management of your account is organized as we can see in our ODA review that every transaction and activity is accessible online through the account areas and there are several fundamental account currencies that allow users to convert with confidence and without charges.


For Oanda there isn't any difference between the clients, that's why brokers don't differ in terms of their type of accounts that they offer and only show only one type of standard trading account. But, customers can switch to premium clients with an initial deposit of 50k. They also get sewing requirements, exclusive prices and more precise spreads.


All accounts are compatible with the same currency base: USD and EUR. Security of balances with negative balances as well as hedges are also offered on all accounts.





Islamic account available


Demo accounts for practice are also accessible on an unlimited basis.


Three types of live accounts are accessible.



Trading Instruments

Futures trading is not accessible in a few regions, and you should confirm this information, and the costs are typically determined by fees per trade. Furthermore, commodity futures trading and other markets require specific advanced contracts in which quotes are available. This details can be found by using research sources.


The OSA broker is the market leader in the field of currency data, providing different advanced instruments. It also includes CFD and forex trades over 100 instruments, which include currency pairs, indices bonds, commodities and futures on metals. The broker also provides FX payment companies as well as exchange rate services to various institutions and investors.



A wide range of instruments

CFD instruments can be extremely risky

Both Forex as well as CFD instruments are offered.


Commission fee over instruments is zero





trading platforms

As a whole, Olanda Technology offers and software that is designed to construct themselves around the most appropriate method of safeguarding clients and their transactions by adhering to stricter spreads and platforms that are specifically focused on the supply of and the automation of high-end trading strategies.


It is a fact the importance of execution for trading. In Oanda you have the option of the latest exclusive V20 execution machine which runs transactions in milliseconds.

Web Trade

As the mainstay of ODA is the proprietary platform for ODA trading, which could be described as 'easy-to-use trading function' and has been awarded numerous awards, as well as several of the most successful traders.


The ODA platform is compatible with trade on the web, on desktops and mobile trading, and web trade permits easy access to any web browser.


Desktop Trade Platform

The full range of capabilities and the best suits Of course, they are accessible through the computer platform, that Olanda trade web offers access to trade functions trade with advanced charting tools and graphical pattern recognition backtesting for institutional quality, and financial news through service companies.


In the end, this platform could certainly be described as the top of its kind and will surely be appreciated by traders of all levels.



Available in different languages

No bonuses

Two popular platforms are offered: cTrader and MT4





Forex Fees

ODA trade proposal provides greater than 100 instruments, including commodities, currency pairs indexes, bonds, and metals, without the requirement of minimum deposit or trading size, and no additional commissions, and expenses based on implementation, which when combined with the fact that it is very competitive.


Spreads for OYA are calculated on the ODA platform, which is connected electronically to a variety of banks around the world that have the most precise forex rates as well as CFD rates if you deal in CFD or forex instruments. Below, you will find the average spread for the instruments that are most frequently traded, as well as instantly directly from quotes.


regardless of direct quotes you will find out information on the past use of certain instruments or assets that can be beneficial to you in understanding Olanda's price policy and learn more about the way in which spreads are influenced by market conditions that fluctuate.




No rollover fee

The tax is imposed when the withdrawal or deposit amount is not more than $200.

There are no inactivity fees


No additional fees for products or stocks


Bonuses available





Options for Deposits and Withdrawals

A crucial question regarding the transfer of money from and to the trading account shows an a little difference to the location of the seller and the location the location where the ODA company has an account. It is true that there are different jurisdictions have different taxes, and laws permit a variety of payment options, while some are not permitted to use.

Deposit option

Deposit options are accessible on Oanda however, make sure to confirm the conditions which are in line with your home and specific rules. If you do, you'll automatically be subject to the regulations.


US clients have the option of the option of bank transfers as well as payments using cheques, credit cards and automatic clearing houses. All for no cost. However, you must be aware for your bank to charge you for performance-related service fees. Canadian clients can use bank wire transfers as well as paypal (only only in CAD).

European customers can make use of debit or credit cards, wire transfers that are quick, PayPal (GBP, USD and EUR) as well as BACS as well as CHaps (only GBP).

Asian Pacific traders are eligible to make use of DBS Payment bills online banking transfers as well as transfer to a bank, paypal (only SGD) or checks (only SGD), China

Australian clients that accept credit or debit cards, online banking transfer and bank transfers. Paypal, BPay, China UnionPay.


Similar to deposits, withdrawal procedures differ according to the division of the business. The most frequent transactions are conducted via wire transfers or bank transfers or credit cards that have zero withdrawal fees for the initial demand within the month.

If you're looking to increase your funds' flow you can apply additional charges to cover various costs in the jurisdiction. Find examples of fees for Australian clients.

How can I take money out of Oanda?

All financial management is handled via an online account which allows you to send your request for withdrawal using the outlined steps. You can also check the cost report as well as your account history.


If you're new to trading, you may find yourself interested in Oanda also, as the brokers offer educational materials and webinars that are designed according to the experience level, beginning at the expert level.

Different trading tools offer analysis reports as well as additional graphics generated by the display for trade You can also rely on economic overlays as well as other research tools which are extremely beneficial for the success of your trade experience.

Customer Service

Another thing to mention that while Oanda customer support is not accessible 24/7, yet, Oanda is known as the best customer-centric broker.


Oanda's customer support Oanda is accessible 24 hours a day. That means you have access to the services they provide from Monday to Friday. The broker is not available on weekends.


Live chat is accessible on the official website. Agents from countries such as Singapore, Chile, Belize, Cyprus, and UAE are on hand to take care of calls.




Best customer support system

Not available 24/7

Rapid response


Live chat support agents






All in all, thanks to the attraction and appealing ODA features, such as no minimum deposit and price transparency, as well as technical optimization , and other tools, it became apparent the reason brokers earned high trust and respect from trading communities.

It is also important to note that the firm is able to stand its ground and operates with a solid foundations of trust and efficient collaboration with "Global Business giants" definitely adds advantages of Oanda.

We like to talk about the numerous innovations and patterns implemented by OANDA in the field of technical instruments, and their impact on trade. Finally, but certainly not some strategies for active users due to clever managing risk.

Alternative forex brokers include Avatrade as well as FP markets that also are licensed and offer exciting trading conditions.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

What's the different types of accounts that are offered through Oanda?

Standard Nano, Standard, and Max account are three types of accounts provided by Axiory.


Does Oanda charge withdrawal and deposition costs?

If the amount you pay is not more than $200, the company charges for each withdrawal or deposit.


Who is responsible for the regulation of Oanda?

The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) regulates Axiory.


Can a customer from the US be able to make transactions using Oanda?

There is no, Oanda does not take clients from the US.


What's the minimal requirement for deposition for Oanda? Oanda?

The minimum deposit that is required by Oanda is $50.

Properties Values
Minimum Diposit
$ 1
ASIC (Australia),IIROC (Canada),FCA (United Kingdom),NFA (United States),,,,
United States
135 West 41st Street New York NY, 10036, United States
MT4,MT4 WebTerminal,MT4 Android,MT4 iOS,Meta Trader Mobile,MT4 MultiTerminal,,,,
Payment Method
Paypal,Visa,Mastercard,Wire,Skrill,Neteller,Local bank transfer,,,,
Properties Values
1.2 pip
Min Position size
Broker Type
MM ( Market Maker),,,,,,,
Account Type
Mini account,Standard,,,,
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Account currency
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Website Languages
Support languages
Reviews Rating
Withdrawal Fee
Trading Signals
Free Education
Daily News
Demo account
1. We accept U.S. clients
2. Controlled By FCA and NFA
3. Good-designed platforms
1. The fees for deposit and withdrawal are the same as those charged by banks.
2. There are only two base currencies available.
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