Minimum Deposit

Min 1-2000 Max


Min 1-2000 Max

Established On

Min 1900-2022 Max

FasaPay is a payment solution that has come into existence to make life much easier for Forex traders. If you are trading Forex and need to carry out transactions much faster and efficiently, it is recommended to use a broker that accepts FasaPay. It is a payment solution that has proven to be a combination of security, speed and affordability. More Forex traders switch to brokers who accept this payment gateway as the days pass.

Are you wondering what makes FasaPay brokers special and why they should be chosen? Do you know that it is possible to start trading Forex within a few minutes using a broker that accepts payment via FasaPay? Read on to learn more about this payment gateway, including brokers accepting it.

What Is FasaPay?

Before now, some select individuals and institutions had access to the Forex market. In other words, regular traders couldn't buy or sell currencies. They sat down, wondering how to take part in the huge profit potentials that Forex has been known for. These have changed tremendously as it is now possible due to the advent of a payment gateway like FasaPay.

With this company, you can now buy and sell currencies in your favourite broker account with ease. It makes such possible by helping to ensure your account is funded. Payment gateway companies like FasaPay are now making the Forex market available to all and sundry. Regardless of your location, you can purchase any currency of your choice starting from today.

FasaPay is a company carrying out operations from Singapore. Traders can make instant deposits with various brokers' accounts through its services. It is also worthy to point out that withdrawal is possible with this payment solution. Talking about one of the most reliable companies for electronic transfers into your account with a Forex broker, FasaPay has proven to tick all such boxes.

It doesn't only ensure that your funds are transferred safely; your information or data is also fully protected. It is a next-generation payment platform because you won't be needing any credit card before your account can be funded. It can happen via bank transfer. Its website has another version known as, which targets the Indonesian audience. If you are from such a region, it is recommended to use it.

How Does FasaPay Work?

FasaPay works in the very simple way that anyone can understand. For instance, you will have to open an account with a Forex broker. After that, you will be required to transfer funds into your FasaPay account. Through FasaPay, you can then fund the Forex broker account. It is that simple. You can see FasaPay as a payment gateway that functions as a middleman (intermediary) between brokers and banks.

The number of Forex brokers that seem to be accepting FasaPay is constantly increasing. It has enabled more people to trade Forex from their respective countries.

FasaPay Security

One of the reasons FasaPay has become very popular amongst brokers is that it has an advanced security system to ensure customers' funds are safe and secured. There is its standard password protection method, and there are more additional ways to protect your account. These include the following.


Anytime your details are going to be changed, you will be required to input some codes.

Pin Setting

Whenever you want to sign in, a secret pin will be requested. It will either be sent to your phone or email. It is to prevent unauthorised login.

Transaction Pin

This has three options that you can explore, like pins for transfers, redemption and top up.

What You Should Know

Please note that transactions with FasaPay can only be done through US dollars. Use the other website version mentioned above for the Indonesian rupiah (IDR) currency.

Final Verdict On FasaPay Brokers

FasaPay is a powerhouse amongst other payment solution companies. It is a company that charges as low as 0.5% for every transaction completed. Right now, it is currently being accepted in more than 200 countries.

We've collected thousands of datapoints and written a guide to help you find the best FasaPay Brokers for you. We hope that this information assists you in locating a reliable and reputable broker who meets your online trading requirements. We have compiled a list of what we consider the best FasaPay Brokers Investment Platforms below.

Reputable FasaPay Brokers Checklist

There are a number of important factors to consider when picking an online FasaPay Brokers Investment Platforms trading brokerage.

  • Check your FasaPay Brokers Investment Platforms broker has a history of at least 2 years.
  • Check your FasaPay Brokers Investment Platforms broker has a reasonable sized customer support of at least 15.
  • Does the FasaPay Brokers Investment Platforms broker fall under regulation from a jurisdiction that can hold a broker responsible for its misgivings; or at best play an arbitration role in case of bigger disputes.
  • Check your FasaPay Brokers Investment Platforms broker has the ability to get deposits and withdrawals processed within 2 to 3 days. This is important when withdrawing funds.
  • Does your FasaPay Brokers Investment Platforms broker have an international presence in multiple countries. This includes local seminar presentations and training.
  • Make sure your FasaPay Brokers Investment Platforms can hire people from various locations in the world who can better communicate in your local language.

Our team have listed brokers that match your criteria for you below. All brokerage data has been summarised into a comparison table. Scroll down.

Our brokerage comparison table below allows you to compare the below features for brokers offering FasaPay Brokers Investment Platforms.

We compare these features to make it easier for you to make a more informed choice.

  • Minimum deposit to open an account.
  • Available funding methods for the below FasaPay Brokers Investment Platforms.
  • What you are able to trade with each brokerage.
  • Trading Platforms offered by these brokers.
  • Spread type (if applicable) for each brokerage.
  • Customer support levels offered.
  • We show if each brokerage offers Micro, Standard, VIP and Islamic accounts.