AvaTrade Broker Reviews and Full Information

What is AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is among the top, globally presented brokers with more than 200,000 trusting customers across the globe. A authorized on five continents, AvaTrade is a forex broker, AvaTrade provides clients with advanced trade solutions regardless of expertise or knowledge through the ability to trade on the market by using a variety of adaptable platforms, tools and alternatives.

Ava is also a multi-national companywith its has its headquarters at DublinIreland with regional offices. They have offices that are located in Paris, Dublin, Milan, Madrid, Tokyo, Beijing and Sydney as well as South Africa, Chile, Mongolia, Nigeria and newly established UAE brokerage.

The AvaTrade Advantages as well as Cons

AvaTrade is a highly regulated Broker that has a good reputation. Opening an account is simple There is a broad selection of trading tools as well as easy-to-use software. It also has many methods to deposit and withdraw funds. We also love AvaTrade's high-tech accessibility to a wider array of tools and platforms that can be used for algorithmic, manual or social trading.

The negatives is that the rules vary depending on the company There isn't support 24/7, trading instruments are restricted only to Forex or CFDs.


What kind of broker is AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is an online broker that provides a variety of services ranging from Forex pairings, CFD trading to Cryptocurrencies that can be traded without limitations on short selling or scalping. In general, AvaTrade is an STP and OTC broker that makes use of advanced technology for order executions which means that quotes are received from the interbank market and then linked to the market.

10 Points Summary

Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Regulation Bank of Ireland, ASIC, JFSA, FSCA
Platforms MT4, AvatradeGo
Instruments 250 instruments that range between FX pair to Vanilla options CFDs on Commodities as well as Indices, Stocks ETFs, Bonds, and Cryptocurrencies
Spread EUR/USD 1.3 pip
Demo Account Yes
Minimum deposit 100 US$
Base currencies 5 base currencies
Education Educational videos of the highest quality and other resources
Customer Support Live chat available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




In the space of just a few years of its introduction on the market in the year 2006 AvaTrade have seen a huge growth and has Ava global customers have completed more than 2 million trades per month across more than 250 instruments.

It's no wonder that Ava has been awarded many industry awards in the last 10 years of successful business as well as the extensive support programs created by Ava. Aside from that, AvaTrade (previously known as Ava FX) was awarded for its exceptional customer service and its trading technologies which confirms the credibility and reliability of brokers' place in the marketplace as we'll discover the reasons for that in our AvaTrade Review.



Is AvaTrade secure or is it a scam?

There is no way, AvaTrade is no a fraud. AvaTrade is a reputable trading broker. It is regulated and legal by a variety of major financial authorities like ASIC and is licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland. It is therefore safe and has a low risk of trading Forex and CFD through AvaTrade.

Is AvaTrade legit?

Absolutely, AvaTrade can be described as a legal and regulated broker in every jurisdiction since it holds the necessary licensing and regulatory obligations, separate from the primary established standards, which are governed by Ireland. You can verify this information on AvaTrade's official AvaTrade website and also on the authority's website. You can also discover the URLs of licenses listed in AvaTrade Review and definitely should always confirm its valid status.

Is AvaTrade licensed and controlled by who?

There are a variety of entities that are legally established and subject to the supervision of the Central Bank of Ireland. This includes approval from the world's most renowned regulators ASIC (Australia), FSP (South Africa), FSA (Japan), Abu Dhabi authority, ESMA in the European Union, British Virgin Islands and many more.

So, AvaTrade is heavily regulated and is bound by internationally accepted laws that maintain brokers' credibility to a certain degree of trust. It is also considered to be a secure broker to deal and trade with. AvaTrade Review regulation

What are the best ways to protect yourself?

The regulations set out provides protection for clients and includes funds segregation. This means that clients' funds are held apart from firm funds at international banks with encryption. The security of the accounts of traders includes the Investor Protection amount as well as compensation schemes in the event that the broker fails and the amount is different for each jurisdiction.

Along with fully audited procedures for trading that are thoroughly monitored by the authorities daily as well as the protection of negative balances.



Leverage is a well-known instrument that clearly increases the amount of capital you begin are trading with. It is an excellent tool to boost the gains you can make, however should you choose to use it in a smart way. Be aware that greater leverage is a possibility to reverse, too.

Risk Level

The risk level is determined by various factors. And naturally, leverage drastically increases your risk of losing money, too.

AvaTrade being a registered broker adheres with slightly different trading terms or regulations based on the rules set out by the authority in question. This means that European traders and customers who are registered with the AvaTrade European company will be under the ESMA regulations that has recently limited leverage.

  • European trading leverage for traders is at its maximum 1:3
  • international trading and Australian customers are able to leverage up to 1:400


Types of accounts

AvaTrade provides an one Standard account and traders can choose to set up a the Corporate account as well as Swap for free Islamic Account as well as a Demo accounts to try out the brokers' working environment. Professional traders who have an appropriate experience and evidence could be eligible for the Pro account with additional benefits.

Does every country accept AvaTrade?

There are a variety of countries around the globe that have residents who can open an account with AvaTrade. There are however certain restrictions that are in place, mostly because of regulations within a specific country or specific laws within the country or in another. The countries that are restricted include those in the US, Iran, Israel and others However, generally, Ava accepts almost all countries.

Different types of accounts

AvaTrade does not differentiate customers by offering a variety of account types , but provides an one Standard account in addition to specifying the conditions for Corporate Account or Islamic Account. Additionally, you can open a Demo account in the beginning of your account to experience the broker's environment.

Accounts Swap Free accessible to traders who adhere to Muslim beliefs or who are looking to trade in accordance with Sharia principles. This is certainly a good alternative for international traders.

Furthermore in the event that you're a professional with relevant experience and evidence of this, you could have the right to an professional account with additional benefits provided.

First it is important to start opening your account. Here are the steps to take to do this.

A step-by-step guide to opening an account.

  1. Select and click to go to the AvaTrade Log In Page. You can also sign in by using an existing account via Facebook and Google.
  2. Input the necessary personal information (Name or email address, etc.)
  3. Check your personal information. The broker might ask for a homeowner's proof of residence such as utility bills, etc.
  4. Answer the online quiz to confirm that you have chosen an account, and to confirm your experiences
  5. If appropriate, request Islamic account opening.
  6. Once your account is active and verified, proceed your money deposit instructions. Read the rest of our AvaTrade Review for how to go about it.


Trading Instruments

What are the options for trading on AvaTrade? Markets offered by Ava providing you with over 250 instruments, ranging from FX pairs to vanilla options CFDs, Commodities and stocks, Indices Bonds, ETFs, Bonds and Cryptocurrencies.

Does AvaTrade include Nasdaq?

Yes, AvaTrade has Nasdaq in its list of trading partners but ultimately Ava provides a truly wide selection and you'll definitely find the right portfolio for you.

AvaTrade Cryptocurrencies

AvaTrade offering to work with the pairs of Bitcoin trading. It also works with Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, NEO, IOTA, Zcash, Qtum and more. The cryptocurrency trade is supported by the MT4 Platform and AvaTradeGO and is employed with fairly affordable spreads, with no commissions as well as leverage as high as 20:1 and the ability to begin trading only $100.




All transactions via AvaTrade platforms will be subject to fees for trading, which are comprised of Overnight fees and Spreads. AvaTrade charges are in line to the CFD spread as the principal charge or commission if applicable the total fee is defined by additional charges like charges for conversion when you have an your account in a different base currency. In addition, the inactivity fee or non-trading fees.

Fees AvaTrade Fees eToro Fees Plus500 Fees
Deposit Fee No No No
Fee for Withdrawal No No No
Fee for Inactivity Yes Yes Yes
Fee rating Average High Low

The majority of the time, AvaTrade spreads are typical fees, or perhaps low spreads when compared to similar propositions and the broker's competitors.Also look below for a comparison table that shows the average AvaTrade Spread. Also, also compare the broker against similar CFD Brokers that have CFD charges, commissions, or an inactivity fee, when applicable. But, remember that fees are provided as an indication only . They can increase or decrease depending on the market circumstances, particularly for CFD spreads that are dependent on the current market conditions.

Non-trading charges

Finally, there is additionally, an cost for inactivity which is charged when there was no transactions or open trades for the duration of 3 months. In this instance, you'll get charged $50 for each quarter. In addition, the broker will set the administration fee at 100$ if you haven't used the account for 12 consecutive months, which means it is important to be aware of your account.


Spread of AvaTrade

AvaTrade has no charges for commissions since the fees are all incorporated into an spread that is similar to usual USD EUR 1.3 pip, which is the price difference between bid and asking price.

CFD Fees

CFD trading with AvaTrade provides you with the possibility for trading Commodities, Bonds, ETFs and stocks. In general, AvaTrade CFD fees are an average amount, however Index CFD is offered at a highly competitive price. For instance, Europe 50 CFD is 0.6$.

Fees for Forex

Fees for forex are still in the middle of their range and major currency pairs are cost-effective and over a wide range of opportunities to invest in the opportunities AvaTrade provides. Additionally, Forex and CFD assets spreads could differ in different manner, as spreads can differ based on the country's rules, but everything remains clear and clear through AvaTrade.

Asset/ Pair AvaTrade Spread Spread of eToro Spread Plus500
EUR USD Spread 1.3 pip 3 pip 0.6 pip
Crude Oil WTI Spread 3 pip 5 pip 2 Pips
Gold Spread 40 45 29
Spread BTC/USD 0.75% 0.75% 0.35%

Here's a quick an overview of AvaTrade charges. Here is a snapshot of AvaTrade's fees.



How do you utilize to use AvaTrade Forex calculator

To manage your risk and not get you be confused about the charges when trading, you can make use of the great tools AvaTrade provides. This is Forex Calculator which lets you look at and understand the total cost, loss or gains. Below are some steps for how to utilize Calculator.

  1. Choose the instrument you wish to are trading
  2. Select your preferred currency for your account
  3. Add leverage level
  4. Choose either a buy or sell option.
  5. Finally, select the platform you're using.


Non-trading charges

Finally, there is the cost for inactivity which is charged when there was no transactions or open trades for the duration of 3 months. In this scenario, you'll get charged $50 for each quarter. In addition, the broker will set an administration fee of 100dollars if you haven't used the account for twelve consecutive months. Therefore, you should monitor your account.


Deposits and withdrawals

The ability to access your money, and fund your account through an initial deposit made through the bank account without complications is another important aspect of options trading. When choosing a broker, you need to consider this point as well, and you can also choose from the choices that are offered by AvaTrade.

Fees for deposits and Options

Ava is a licensed broker who is required to adhere to security measures across different countries, Ava offers several convenient ways to deposit funds into the account. this includes

  • Debit and Credit Card, and Debit Card,
  • Wire Transfer
  • Electronic Wallet payment options include PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney and Neteller (available to all customers other than EU & Australia residents)

AvaTrade Minimum deposit

AvaTrade's minimum deposit for credit Cards and debit Cards is $250 or $500 via Bank wire transfer. However, you might need to deposit a lesser amount beginning at 100$, based on your business entity.

AvaTrade minimal deposit, compared to other brokers

  AvaTrade Many Other Brokers
Minimum Deposit $250 $500


Account base Currencies vs Similar Brokers

  AvaTrade EToro Plus500
Bank Transfer V V V
Credit Card Credit Card, Debit Card V V V
Electronic Wallets V V V
Base Currencies 5 1 10

Why is it so important to examine the base currency against similar brokers?

Simply put this means that you do not pay the cost of currency conversion and can withdraw or transfer funds to accounts at your banks, debit card as well as credit cards if appropriate, without additional costs. Overall, it helps make the process of managing your money smooth that is extremely efficient.


AvaTrade Withdrawal

AvaTrade generally processes withdrawal requests within a couple of business days and doesn't charge any fees for withdrawals. The withdrawal options include the most popular credit cards, bank transfers and a few electronic wallets. In addition, due to rules and regulations in international transfer laws, it could take a few additional days to receive the money. For instance, you can also look at and compare AvaTrade charges to the IG fees..

Here are the steps you must follow to withdraw cash from AvaTrade

With a quick follow-up of instructions, you can open your account and make the withdrawal. Of course you can always be sure to contact our excellent help center that is always in your corner.

What is the best way to withdraw funds from a bank account?

  1. Log in into your bank account. Click on the 'Withdraw Funds' from the menu tab
  2. Complete the form and then enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  3. Select the withdrawal method you prefer.
  4. Fill in the required form
  5. Confirm withdrawal details and submit


Trading Platforms

AvaTrade offers an vast array of tools as well as tools it's not an exaggeration to say that every client will be able to find the right solution for them. Let's explore the variety of AvaTrade platforms with they are all accessible via the web, desktopor Mobile apps specifically designed for iOSor smartphones running Android..

Scores and Availability of various platforms


Pros Cons
Excellent proprietary trading platform for Web. None
The choice is between Web, Mobile and Desktop  
MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 provided  
Specialized software designed for automatized, algorithmic, and social trading that is integrated into the proposition  
AvaOption is a trading platform for Options.  
Web as well as Mobile App AvatrageGO for iOS and Android  
Simple to navigate and easy to use software.  
Support for different languages  

Web Trading Platform

As part of its mission to help traders become more successful, Ava caters to every degree of experience or type, and every platform allows users to trade either manually or automatically with a wide range types of instruments. Additionally, UK clients may request spread betting options.

WebTrader as a revolutionary platform is an excellent choice for traders who are just beginning their journey, since it has a user-friendly interface with a great design that is easy to understand and use.

There are a variety of languages available on the Web Trading platform

It is crucial to utilize the platform in your native language. AvaTrade can be used in a wide range of languages, which means you can choose the language that best suits your needs. Languages supported include but aren't only

  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • Persian
  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Portuguese


Feel and Look

AvaTrade platform, whether it's web-based or its other software MT4 and MT5 have a easy navigation and a clear design. No matter if you're just beginning or experienced, you'll be delighted to see a simple design, but with the power of the tools. Additionally, you can pick the right application for your requirements or from WebTrader AvaTradeGo, the app for WebTrader, Mac Trading or AvaOption platform.

This was created by Ava and lets you take advantage of a different degree in options trading, or FX using puts and calls, the using embedded tools, and an general ease of trading.

Login and Security

Accessing your account through the MT4 or MT5 as well as the other Ava platform is easy procedure. If you login via Web version, you will have to follow the steps of security login.

If you're using AvaMetaTrader you'll need to start the Desktop program then click File-> Login To Trading Account, and then type in your account details. Once you've done that, you'll be able to feel comfortable trading right away.

Search Functions

One of the best aspects of Ava is its search function. Ava platform is the feature for searching, offering you easy navigation between the products or instrumentsyou would like to trade. With a simple search line, you'll find the instrument you want to trade using an advanced search of assets or options by symbolism.

Types of Order

AvaMetaTrader and other platforms permit the user to create special order types to control risks or to set, adjust, and control losses or profits at any point. You can choose to set either a Trade Market or Pending orders, as well as specifying Stop Loss Take Profit, trailing stop and then select the type of execution you want. You can also modify your order by using the The Order Modification Window. In the end, you must be sure to stick to your plan and constantly set risks management tools for your success in trading.

It is important to note that AvaTrade permits holders to hold the Sell and Buy positions as a hedging strategy.


Notifications and alerts

Platforms are are equipped with sophisticated charts, technical indicators and live price alertswith notifications that you can get via email. Thes

Desktop Trading Platform

It's still an option to utilize the AvaTrade desktop Platform that is a top-of-the-line software which is extremely popular and robust, yet able to allow the flexibility of trading and fully-featured automated or robot-based trading. It is also possible to choose to switch to the MT4 Flexible Spreads which allow you to trade with lower spreads that start at 0.9 pip and drawn directly from markets liquidity. You can also choose select an fixed spread.

Automated Trading

Last but not the leastis the AvaTrade automated trading capabilities, which is a helpful and promising tool for beginners. This is why Avar introduced a range of software for auto-trading that allows you to duplicate or mirror the strategies of traders who have been successful.

AvaTrade offers a variety of platforms to allow auto trading, including: DupliTrade is another social platform that is successful and available to traders, is suitable for floating spreads MT4 and also copies the trades.

There is still a chance to make use of ZuluTrade ZuluTrade, an extremely renowned auto trading applications, and MQL5 is designed specifically for the trading on MT4 and to enhance signals for auto-trade.


Mobile Trading Platform

A mobile application that AvaTrade is very happy about is the AvaTradeGO that is easy to use and provides a variety of tools all at once. The app comes with a user-friendly dashboard with sophisticated tools and steps-by-step instructions for opening trades as well as activity feedback and assistance.

Additionally the platform allows for the management of multiple MT4 accounts and the ability to switch between real, demo as well as variable spreads.


Pros Cons
Proprietary App No Face login
Friendly customer service and simple to navigate  
Price alerts and notifications are available on your mobile  
Fee Report  
Multiple languages are are supported  


Customer Service

If you want to reach AvaTrade customer service, it offers 24/7 live assistance via live chat, emailand telephone support in 15 different languages. In the end, AvaTrade offers some of the best customer service with quick and accurate responses and a wide range of no-cost lines across the globe.


Alongside its many of the best trading options available to companies, clients are able to get amazing education sources. In fact, Ava says, inspiring and broadening the perspectives for traders are the primary aspect of trading daily life.

AvaTrade Demo Account

Additionally, you can select an account that is risk-free at the beginning of your journey using AvaTrade which is also known as an trial accountallowing you to try out strategies and evaluate the methods. Therefore, whether you are a novice trader or a professional one, you will find the perfect tool inside the AvaTrade box for you to better practice.

In the end, the education center continuously evolves and provides as well Forex as well as CFDs trading data with live webinars, technical Analyses, tools for education and more. In addition, it offers an exclusive, premium-designed source that includes video tutorials categorized by levels of traders that is definitely a excellent.



Additionally, at A vaTrade, you'll discover amazing research tools and other materials as well as the possibility to make use of Autochartist to trade with MetaTrader. In addition to other helpful tools such as calculators, amazing and clear charting , with built-in News Feed as well as other vital trading information to help you improve your trading. You can also join to receive the most up-to-date market analysis, which is are provided by the professionals at AvaTrade educational website Sharp Trader. AvaTrade education



In the end, AvaTrade Review shows a broker with a broader trading strategy and a particular method of dealing with the customers and market participants that have earned an enviable and trusted reputation. Ava flexibilities in the form of currency pairs, platforms and various other options is another benefit of their positive aspect. The broker has low prices and high quality training materials appropriate for traders at different levels.


Properties Values
Minimum Diposit
$ 100
ASIC (Australia),,CBI (Ireland),,,,,,,,,,,
Dublin, Ireland
Five Lamps Place, 77-80 Amiens Street, Dublin 1, DO1A742, Dublin, Ireland
Payment Method
Visa,Mastercard,Wire,Skrill,Neteller,Perfect Money,Webmoney,Fasa Pay,,,,,,,,,,,,
Properties Values
1.3 pips
Min Position size
Broker Type
MM ( Market Maker),STP (Straight Through Processing),ECN (electronic communications networks),NDD (N
Account Type
Brokers by Country
US Forex Brokers,,,,,,,,,,,,
Scalping Forex Brokers,Mobile Trading Brokers,Copy Trading Brokers,,,,,,,,,,,,
Gold Trading Brokers,CFD Trading Brokers,Stock Trading Broke,Oil Trading Brokers,Metal Trading Brokers,Indexes Trading Brokers,,,,,,,,,,,,
Account currency
Economic Calendar,Charting Software,Calculators,Volatility Calculator,Pip Calculator,Margin Calculator,Profit Calculator,,,,,,,,,,
Website Languages
Support languages
Reviews Rating
Withdrawal Fee
Trading Signals
Free Education
Daily News
Demo account
1. Great proprietary Web trading platform.
2. A choice between Web, Mobile and Desktop.
3. MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 offered.
4. Specialized software for social, automated and algorithmic trading included into proposal.
5. AvaOption for Options trading.
6. Web and Mobile App AvatrageGO for iOS and Android.
7. Easy to navigate and simple to use software.
8. Support of different languages	
1. None
Display Analysis
Serving country
Not Serving country
Market analysis
Copy Trading Brokers
Bitcoin Forex Brokers
Social trading
Web trading
Forex pairs
Mobile Trading
Automated Trading
Partnership Programs
Free Phone
353 766803327
Customer Support
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