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Pocket Option is an online broker that allows trading of Binary Options and Forex. The client has access to over 100 assets via the mobile application, web-based platform and MetaTrader 5 software. "Pocket Option" is managed by the Gembell Limited company which is located in the Marshall Islands with the address Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island Majuro. The registered # is 086967. Based on our experience this is a common offshore broker to invest in various kinds of markets.

Pocket Option is a popular broker that attracts lots of traders from all over the world and allows the traders from all over the world. It is possible for anyone to sign up for an account at Pocket Option. It has been operating since the year 2017, and our analysis shows that the popularity of the company is increasing. It's possible to make trades with with Binary Options with a modern platform that offers a high rate of return on investment, as high as 95% or more. Additionally, there are numerous unique characteristics that make the broker distinctive.

Information about the company:

  • Online broker since 2017.
  • Accepts traders from all over the world.
  • Located on the Marshall Islands
  • Trade in the financial markets using Binary Options and Forex/CFDs
  • Multi-platforms for every device
  • Recognized in over 95 countries
  • There are more than 20.000 active users each day

Safety and regulation Regulation and safety: Is Pocket Option a scam or not?

When it comes to investing on the internet it is essential to choose a licensed broker. This shows trust and security. Many regulations are expensive in terms of maintenance costs. As per Pocket Option, the broker is controlled by IFMRRC (International Financial Market Relationship Control Center). This is an unofficial regulator who accepts brokers that operate online. To be able to get the certificate, the company must satisfy various requirements.

Pocket Option regulation FMRRC certificate of compliance

Pocket Option regulation FMRRC certificate of compliance

It is important to note that the FMRRC does not have the exact same type of the regulation of a country like CySEC within Cyprus as well as ASIC for Australia. We have made contacts with them and are aware the fact that Pocket Option is working at an upper level of regulation right now. In addition, the platform is very safe and got different security tools for your account like 2-factor-authentification and SSL certificate. Pocket Option uses only secure payment methods and have access to your funds anytime. All in all, Pocket Option is a reliable company, however it is not able to receive the top regulatory authority currently.

What are the options for trading using Pocket Option? Offers to traders:

The traders have access to cryptocurrencies, currencies commodities, stocks, and currencies through the. Financial products like called Binary Options (Options) is offered for trading with a return of as high as 95 percent. When compared to other brokers, it's a remarkably high return on investing in this specific market. In addition, you are able to trade at any time through the site. Cryptocurrencies as well as OTC charts are accessible all day, every day.

Pocket Option assets and markets

Pocket Option assets and markets

This list of assets are available for trading through Pocket Option:

  • Currencies (Fx)
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities

Options are traded with different experiences ranging from 1 minute four hours, or even more. Both long- and short-term investors will be comfortable with the asset-based offers and expiry dates. When you click on the menu, you'll find the various options and the yields.

Expiry times on the Pocket Option platform

Expiry times on the Pocket Option platform

The first time traders can utilize the demo account for free with an amount in the amount of $ 10,000. It is a demo account that has virtual currency and is perfect to test the platform. Additionally, you can upgrade the demo account if you've made losses. It is therefore an unlimited account that is free. It is not necessary to sign up. It is possible to trade with real money with a minimal amount of $50, and the minimum investment amount is $1 per transaction.

Pocket Option does not offer only trading options, but also forex trading using it's MetaTrader five software. The software is integrated on the web platform and you can download for free.

Pocket Option is available for any device

Pocket Option is available for any device

Another great feature is the bonus option as well as accomplishments. You can earn a bonus as much as 100% if you choose to increase your deposit and balance. Achievements are free rewards that you can get when you make real-money trades. If you trade more , you are eligible for bonuses and boosts.

Contests and social trading are also available. Follow the success of other successful and popular traders. You can easily copy them. Tournaments are created with an account that is free or a real money accounts. Profit high rates when you're a skilled trader. In sum, Pocket Option offers very excellent conditions and features for traders.

A summary of features and conditions:

  • A total of 100 investments (currencies, crypto stocks, commodities, and currencies)
  • Yield up to 95%+
  • Free demo account
  • A minimum amount of $50 is required as a deposit.
  • Trading in Forex using the MetaTrader 5
  • Free bonus program
  • Achievements and awards
  • Contests and social trading

Start your pocket Option account to trade and enjoy the most favorable conditions.

(Risk alert Your capital is in danger)


Pocket Option offers trading platforms that work on any device. It is possible to access the online platform and download versions, MetaTrader 5, and mobile trading apps. The program is developed through Pocket Option and very unique. In the next section, we will present to you the capabilities of the platform, as well as the method you can trade on it.

There are the following formats supported:

  • Web-version
  • Download Version
  • Mobile apps
  • Telegram Bot
  • MetaTrader 5

The web-platform is the simplest method to make trade

On the website-based platform offers a complete overview of the trading assets. Overall it's a simple and easy to use trading platform. For beginners, they should be at ease in just the span of a couple of minutes. Additionally, you can learn more about the platform or watch intro videos available on the site.

Pocket Option trading platform

Pocket Option trading platform

The facts about the trading platform on the internet:

  • It is available for all devices (Computer and mobile devices)
  • Secure and user-friendly for trading
  • Professional and clear charting
  • Free analysis tools
  • An excellent overview of all the tools available
  • Multi-charting is a possibility

In the image above, you will see a picture of the trade platform within an Internet browser. On the left you can see options for your profile and your trading account. You have access to live trading demo trading, the profile accomplishments, chat and the help center. You can toggle between demo and real money trading in one click.

In the bottom, at the middle, is a trading order-mask. It is easy to comprehend how to trade since Pocket Option shows you very clear all functions.

MetaTrader 5 review

In 2020, MetaTrader 5 will be offered by Pocket Option for trading forex metals, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. MetaTrader 5 is extremely popular and is used by over 90% of brokers across the globe. It is a great platform for both technical analysis or automated trading. You can alter the charts in the way you wish and include instruments for further analysis.

Pocket Option MetaTrader 5 account

Pocket Option Account with MetaTrader 5

The web-based version can be used directly using your Pocket Option webtrader or you download the program for your desktops. Additionally, mobile apps are available on any device. Overall, MetaTrader 5 platform has more features for analysis than the underlying platform from Pocket Option. We have found that it can be difficult for novice traders to become at ease with MetaTrader 5 at first. Watch tutorials for the software.

MetaTrader 5 is supporting the following features:

  • Multi-charting
  • One-click trading
  • Indicators
  • Drawing tools
  • Multiple timeframes
  • Automated trading
  • Modify the platform to suit your needs would like
  • Alarms and news

Tutorial How to trade using Pocket Option

Trading using Pocket Option is not so difficult to grasp. With options trading that you can only get two possibilities of a result (win and loss) or you can get your money back in the event that the market does not move. As an investor, you need to make a forecast of the price of the market. Pocket Option's trading platform Pocket Option offers you special tools for analysis, such as charts drawings tools, as well as indicators. In addition, you can incorporate market information in your analyses.

This video we'll demonstrate how you can earn money using Pocket Option and a simple charting strategy:


Pocket Option order mask for trading

Pocket Option order mask for trading

Step through step

  1. Select your asset and create the trading concept
  2. Do a projection of the price
  3. Select the time of purchase (expiry date of the option)
  4. Place your money in falling or rising prices
  5. Make sure to wait until the choice is completed
  6. You can earn a significant return from your the investment (up to 95 percent) or forfeit the amount invested

Charting and analysis for successful traders:

In order to make the correct forecast of the price's movement it is essential to study the charts properly. Many traders use the technique of fundamental analysis or technical analysis. In the trading platform you can discover various charting options.

Pocket Option chart settings

Pocket Option chart settings

There are over 5 different types of charts and over 14 timeframes to analyze. Candlesticks are among the most well-known chart type due to the fact that they provide more details on the charts than other types of charts. Additionally, you can utilize next to the chart various indicators and drawing tools.

There are over 40 indicators to analyze. Pocket Option will show you an entire tutorial and explanation of the instruments. This is an important benefit for people who are just beginning. You can alter and customize the settings for each tool to suit your needs. Develop your own trading strategies using the tools from Pocket Option.

Pocket Option indicator settings

Pocket Option indicator settings

Social Trading and Signals

If you are a trader and do not need to do their own decisions, analysis of signals and social trading are readily available. Social Trading means you copy a trader who has been profitable. On the website there are other traders who trade using real funds. You will be able to see their deals, lucrative deals, as well as their turnover. In general, it's transparent and you can identify the best trader in a short time.

Pocket Option Social Trading

Pocket Option Social Trading

It's a simple way to generate automatic earnings. There are many options for setting up. You can pick your investment amount as well as the maximum loss limit by copying the traders. In addition, signals are accessible via the trading platform to every asset. They are derived from various trading strategies. In the end Pocket Option is a platform that Pocket Option platform gives access to features that any kind of trader can utilize effectively.

Awards and achievements for active traders

Pocket Option will reward you when you're an active trader. If you're fully registered you will be awarded your first achievement (see the image below). What do you get from your "Gems"? If you are active in trading, you'll be able to earn "Gems" on the platform. When you trade on the market, you are able to trade them for different rewards.

Pocket Option achievement program

Pocket Option achievement program

On the market there are ways to buy gems. For instance, you can purchase the following benefits for trade accounts:

  • Bonus codes of up to 110 percent
  • Bonus on balances in your account for free
  • Trades that are risk-free
  • Cashback trades
  • Boosters to boost yield
  • VIP Tickets
  • Bots

Overall It is a excellent system for traders who utilizes Pocket Option. The broker earns revenue from your trade volume. If you are able to trade more, you earn more. This is a reasonable deal for the broker and trader.

The conclusion to the trading platforms

Our experience suggests that the platform used by Pocket Option is one of the top trading platforms available on the web. Furthermore, the platform supports the popular MetaTrader 5. It's very efficient and gives you access to an array of functions and tools. There are no cost indicators to analyze, charting is done by professionals and you can also use the signals and social trading.

The platform is compatible with any device, and we rate an excellent score. In addition, we would like to suggest using the demo account that is free. There are more advantages than different trading systems.

Benefits of trading platforms:

  • Professional charting
  • Free analysis tools to analyze
  • Signals and trading on social networks
  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Tools that can be customized to suit everyone
  • Platforms are accessible for any device
  • MetaTrader 5 supported

Start your pocket Option account to trade and enjoy the most favorable conditions.

(Risk alert Your capital could be at risk)

How do you open a trading account:

To sign up for your real trading account, you must sign up using your email address as well as a safe password. To trade using your demo account you don't need to sign up. You are able to test the platform at no cost.

Input your email address as well as the password for security to take your first action. Following that, you need to verify your email account as well as your phone number. If you are trading with real money We recommend verifying your account first. However, you don't have to. It's more secure. Log into your account and fill out the request form with your personal information. Upload a photograph of your ID for a complete confirmation that your accounts are verified. Pocket Option is very fast and will verify your account within 24 hours. You can now begin using real cash and utilize all the features available on the platform.

Registration with Pocket Option

Registration with Pocket Option

How to start an account on your own:

  1. Log in to your account by filling out the above form
  2. Make use of your email address and an encrypted password
  3. Verify your email address and telephone number
  4. Fulfill your account details
  5. Upload the necessary documents
  6. Begin trading

Review of the withdrawal and deposit using Pocket Option

Pocket Option offers a lot of payment methods that allow you to deposit money as well as withdraw. There are digital options like credit cards, cryptocurrency as well as electronic wallets. The minimum deposit is $50, and there's no charges for deposits. Additionally, on the majority of payment methods, there aren't fees to withdraw.

Be sure to understand the rules:

  • No fees for deposits
  • There are no fees for withdrawals
  • The minimum deposit is $50.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

Pocket Option deposit and withdrawal methods

Pocket Options for Deposit and withdrawal methods

The minimum amount for withdrawal is $10. The withdrawal process is very quick. Based on our experience, withdrawal process can take as little as three days. Our withdrawal was completed within 24 hours, without commission. We can state we are able to say that Pocket Option is withdrawing your earnings at 100 percent.

Pocket Option Proof of withdrawal:

Below, you will see two of our 2019 withdrawals. It was processed via bitcoin. The withdrawal process is quick and safe. In addition to our own withdrawals, we conducted research on this subject. And we did not find any information on withdrawal issues for this broker. Make money using the platform and then make the withdrawal immediately.

Pocket Option withdrawal proof

Pocket Option Proof of withdrawal

Details about the withdrawals and deposits with the pocket Option:

  • Instant deposits via electronic methods
  • There are no deposit or withdrawal fees.
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Electronic wallets
  • Refunds within 1 to 3 working days

Bonus for deposits

Pocket Option offers different bonuses. The most sought-after bonus is the Deposit bonus. You can earn cash for depositing money. This means that you can deposit $500 to the platform and get your bonus at 100 percent. Your account now has an amount of $1.000. This is a great method to boost the balance of your account and take on more risk when trading.

But , it is important to understand the bonus terms. You need to make at least 50x before you can withdraw the bonus. It depends on your trading volume. You are able to cancel your bonus anytime you'd like.

Create your free Pocket Option account and trade using the most favorable conditions.

(Risk alert Your capital could be at risk)

Support and assistance from professionals for investors

The final thing to look for in the reliability of an web-based broker is service and support for traders. It is essential for traders who are beginners or experienced. Support is offered in a variety of languages through chat via email, phone, or chat. It is accessible all hours of the working day. In addition, you can interact to other trader on this platform.

Support and service of Pocket Option

Support and service of Pocket Option

For traders who are new for those who are new to trading, there is an extensive FAQ that answers the most frequently frequent questions, as well as lots of tutorials on trading via videos. In the above image, the education area at Pocket Option is huge. In the end, Pocket Option offers professional assistance for traders. If you're a novice, you can access an abundance of knowledge about trading and also help to increase your knowledge of trading. Our experience has taught us that our service and education is at the professional level.

Information about support and service provided by Pocket Option:

  • Chat, email, phone assistance
  • FAQ that answers the most frequently asked questions
  • Trading tutorials and trading tips
  • Strategies for trading
  • Tips and tricks
  • Professional support and service in a variety of languages

The conclusion of the review What do you think? Pocket Option a reliable broker? We believe, yes.

Based on our experience and testing, Pocket Option is definitely an dependable broker for trading online. The overall rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars due to the fact that there isn't any the actual supervision of an authority, but the site appears secure and safe for withdrawals and deposits.

There is the possibility of trading more than 100 different markets and earn the highest rate of return that can reach 95 percent. Trade execution is extremely quick with the trading platform. We've tested the real-money transactions and withdrawals, as you will see in the reviews section earlier. Pocket Option is an excellent choice for trading long-term and short-term options. Pocket Option is compatible with any device.

Furthermore it offers many unique features and tools that are designed for traders. It is possible to perform professional analysis of your chart drawing or using indicators. Signals and social trading are also available. In the end, we would suggest Pocket Option as a reliable online broker to trade with the possibility of big returns.

Pocket Option is a trusted Online Broker

Advantages of Pocket Option:

  • A safe and secure platform
  • The minimum deposit is $50.
  • Demo account for free with $10.000
  • More than 100 assets
  • 24/7 trading
  • High yield of up 95 +
  • A comfy platform for any device
  • Multi-language support
  • Cash-back program
  • Bonuses


Properties Values
Pocket Option
Minimum Diposit
$ $50
Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands, the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC)
Payment Method
Visa,Mastercard,Credit Card,Skrill,Neteller,Perfect Money,,
Properties Values
Min Position size
Broker Type
Limited Time Trades Broker,,,
Account Type
Mini account,High Leverage,Standard,,
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US Forex Brokers,,
Scalping Forex Brokers,Automated Trading Brokers,Mobile Trading Brokers,,
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Account currency
Charting Software,,
Website Languages
Support languages
Reviews Rating
Withdrawal Fee
Trading Signals
Free Education
Daily News
Demo account
1. Free bonus program
2. Social trading and contests
1. Not official regulated
Display Analysis
Serving country
Not Serving country
Market analysis
Copy Trading Brokers
Bitcoin Forex Brokers
Social trading
Web trading
Forex pairs
Myfxbook Auto trade,Mql5 signals,,
Mobile Trading
Automated Trading
Partnership Programs
Free Phone
+1 800 982-1251
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