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Transparency has been the main benefit that defines Expert Option and the reason the company was created. It was founded in 2014 and has dedicated its services to clients by providing them with the most transparent and transparent trading experience. Expert Option provides its clients with easy-to-use platforms and education tools that aid to their journey through trading. The company is committed to offering the highest quality customer service and the benefits of simple yet powerful platforms, and offering quick trading executions that utilize cutting-edge technology and is a trustworthy broker by going the further to meet their customers need.

The facts About Expert Choice:

  • Founded in 2014
  • Transparent and transparent trading experience
  • Fast execution of trading
  • Over 100 assets are available.
  • Provides a transparent experience in trading
  • The most user-friendly and powerful platforms
  • The company is committed to meeting the needs and desires of its customers.
  • Multiplatform

How is Expert Option regulated? Safety and regulation for customers

Regulated and authorized are among the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a broker using. These factors are evidence that the company or broker meets all the requirements for being legitimately operating. Expert Option is licensed by Vanuatu Financial Service Commission or VFSC. Its full title of firm is ExpertOption Ltd. It is situated within Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at 1510 Kingstown Suite 305, The Griffith Corporate Centre, with the registration number 22863. payment processing is done via Vestede Limited, based in Gibraltar with the company number 116061.

Expert Option is regulated by the VFSC

Expert Option's regulation is by VFSC

The activities carried out by the broker is overseen and endorsed through the Financial Market Relation Regulation Center (FMRRC). This is a non-governmental organization to oversee the voluntary market in Russia. It is possible to say that this broker is licensed and regulated. It is an operationally legitimate broker.

Financial security

The security of our finances and our investment portfolios is the main priority for all traders. Expert Option claims to have been established with the intention of providing clients with a clear trading experience. The company promises to offer precise quotes to their customers using real-time market data which are supplied by the most reputable analysis agencies.

Additionally, for the safety of their clients, Expert Option is verified by Visa and MasterCard. The site utilizes SSL encryption, which means that all information is encrypted using the most secure encryption algorithms. Additionally, ExpertOption segregates the client's funds, and they are held in accounts that are backed by investment grade-A banks. ExpertOption is committed to be transparent with its customers. The company also believes in their trust in its employees. This is why reliability is crucial and so is confidence. Expert Option provides extra solidity and is able to do more than any other to meet the demands of its customers. We can affirm that Expert Option is a reliable and reliable broker.

ExpertOption is a secure and reliable broker

Expert Option is a secure and reliable broker

A summary of financial security regulation and regulations:

  • Transparent
  • Separates client's funds from high-quality banks
  • Verified by Visa and MasterCard
  • The website employs SSL encryption.
  • Provide accurate quotes
  • Secure
  • Reliable

Review of the conditions of trading for traders

Expert Option is a global trading platform that is aimed at of offering a clear trading experience for its customers. The broker provides greater than 100 asset for customers to trade in addition, trading binary options that have the highest rate of return that can reach 90 percent. As with an Forex Broker you are able to trade many different currencies. The platform used by Expert Option is a custom-designed platform that is superior to other platforms.

The platform is equipped with advanced analytical tools, and provides fast execution. Expert Option had won the award as the "Best Trading Platform" during the China Trading Expo in Shenzhen in May 2017. This proved its platform solid and has lived up to its full potential.

Expert Option trading assets

Expert Option is certified as valid by Visa as well as MasterCard. The website of the broker utilizes SSL encryption, which means that all information is encrypted using the most secure encryption algorithms. Additionally, as the goal of this broker is to offer transparency to their clients they ensure that they'll provide details about funds and also that the company separates the client's money and keeps them in accounts that are rated investment grade A banks.

The brand is also adamant about their trust among its clients. Expert Option provides extra solidity in that the company is able to do more than others to meet the demands of its customers. Customer support is available to assist at all times, since it is available all hours of the day seven days a week.

Information about the terms that traders must meet:

  • More than 100 assets are available.
  • Offers lightning-fast trading execution
  • Provides a transparent experience in trading
  • Minimum deposit is $50.
  • Multiplatform
  • Custom-designed platform
  • Reliable and secure
  • Regulated
  • 24/ customer support
  • Demo account for free with no cost virtual money of $ 10,000


Expert Option is a simple but robust trading system. The company had been awarded the title "Best Trading Platform" during the China Trading Expo in Shenzhen in May of 2017.

Take a look at a screen shot on the website below.

Expert Option trading platform

Screenshots of the Expert Option trading platform

The platform is easy to use and has educational materials, which allow traders to enjoy the benefit of modern analytical tools to form and take informed choices. ExpertOption created a custom platform which allows rapid execution of trades and an precise price feed. This platform is accessible across all devices.

ExpertOption Desktop App

ExpertOption Desktop App

It's accessible across all types of devices including laptops, desktops (both Windows and macOS), Android, and iOS. It's fast and simple to download. It is possible to visit Expert Option's official site at Expert Option and there is an option on the site to download the app to your desktop.

ExpertOption Mobile Trading

ExpertOption Mobile Trading

It's available for download for free. On tablets or mobile devices you can download it through GooglePlay or the AppStore. It allows clients to access a broad range of stocks and more than 100 assets for trading. It's simple to use and provides live, real-time quotes.

In addition there is Expert Option's Expert Option trading system is also accessible through the browser, without the need to download an app. The platform is is compatible with all types of browsers. Also, it is a benefit of the platform is that it offers its clients a seamless trading experience.

Expert Option Trading Platform Features:

  • All kinds of devices
  • Custom-developed
  • Advanced analytical tools
  • Offers lightning-fast trading execution
  • Offers Mobile Trading
  • User-friendly
  • The most powerful platform
  • Real-time live quotes

Professional analysis and review of charts for traders

Understanding the market and its volatility is the most important factor you must be aware of when the trading industry. Charting helps you to understand and see the way the market is moving whether it is going up or down. By charting it is possible to determine whether you should purchase or sell. If volatility is high, it is possible for the value to be spread over a wider space and prices can fluctuate quickly in a short amount of time, in any direction.

Charting and technical analysis is possible with ExpertOption

The ability to chart and analyze technical data is possible using Expert Option


The most well-known style of charting traders use can be described as the candlestick style of charting. The candlestick chart style is used to explain and define the price movements of an financial chart. This is the case for derivatives or security price movements. Each candlestick is usually a representation of the day in which it was created, so it might show 25 candlesticks for a period of 25 trading days during the course of a month. The bars of candlesticks are rectangles that have upper and lower lines. The rectangular shape is called the candlestick body while the lines are referred to as candle shadows.

Candlestick Analysis

Expert Option Candlestick Analysis

These rectangles comprise prices for the open, the high cost, the low and closing price. This is what you pay that was at when the interval began. The price at the top is the highest price, while the lower price is the lowest price in this period. The price at the close is the price at the close of the period.

There are two types candles: Bullish Candle and Bearish Candle. Bullish Candlestick is showing the price increase and the opening price that is less than closing prices however, Bearish Candlestick is showing the price drop and an opening price that is higher than the closing price.

Candlestick analysis is mainly utilized by traders because of its simple nature. If traders are capable of remembering and understanding the fundamental rules of candlestick charting traders might be able predict future price trend and get excellent trades.


You can use candlestick charting with ExpertOption

Candlestick charts can be used using Expert Option

Review of the mobile trading app (app) from Expert Option

Expert Option also offers its clients the capability to trade with the touch of their hands. Mobile trading is widely regarded as an extremely convenient, mobile choice for traders. It allows traders to trade when they wish and wherever they happen to be online. Expert Option has custom-developed its platform to improve it when compared to other broker's platforms. It provides lightning-fast execution of trading as well as access to a variety of stocks as well as more than 100 assets for trading. It is easy to use and traders can anticipate real-time quotes. It comes with advanced analytical tools and a simple but effective platform. Additionally, it's completely free for download. You can download it through GooglePlay (Android) as well as the AppStore (iOS).


ExpertOption Mobile Trading Platform

Expert Option Mobile Trading Platform

Features of Mobile App:

  • Custom-developed
  • Offers lightning-fast trading execution
  • A user-friendly and powerful platform
  • Real-time live quotes
  • Advanced analytical tools
  • On-the-go trading
  • Customer Support
  • Secure
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Minimum Diposit
$ $50
1:30 | 1:200
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Mini account,Scalping,Standard,,
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