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Finding an trustworthy broker is always an overwhelming task for newbies in the field of trading. But this review will help you turn this difficult task an easy task by providing every detail about the broker. On the site, we will provide an in-depth look at the popular website RaceOption. Learn more about the conditions of the offer, as well as safety for clients. It takes only an hour to understand everything you need to know about the RaceOption's broker. Check out this RaceOption review to begin your journey to trading.

Do you think it's worth spending your money in it? Find out by reading our review.


RaceOption is among the top brokerages that specialize in option trading on the market today. It also enjoys the honor of hosting an enormous number of customers with no listing under a regulatory. It offers a simple user interface and offers a broad variety of accounts. RaceOption also offers offers and promotions such as competitions in trading and referrals that help users in encouraging them to consider investing more in trading. The website https://www.raceoption.com/ is managed by the Makerun Corp. based in Marshal Island with the registration number 104038.

It features a transparent system for deposits and withdrawals, which helps the trading platform be a trustworthy and open brokerage. The team behind the project is extremely dedicated and works every day and night to assist the customers and increase the range of operations. It offers access to a variety of markets, and users can open trading on the web as well as mobile apps. It is the most lucrative payout rate within the broker industry. RaceOption is a trading broker that is trusted, reliable, safe, and provides an array of trading products, investment types, and bonus offers for its clients to profit the most from this lucrative and exciting market.

Safety and Regulation of RaceOption

Many people believe that regulation is a necessary factor to consider investing and trade on the market. But, RaceOption has done a extraordinary job in attracting many users through a positive and encouraging environment and increasing its credibility within the market for brokers. It has a characteristic of allowing withdrawal within a single hour which has drawn potential buyers and investors. RaceOption is a profitable trading broker that offers a high degree of customer care along with investment service. RaceOption utilizes SSL ( Secure Socket Layer) technology to protect your transactions, and to keep your personal data as safe as it is.

There is no evidence presented of any fraud or hacking of this website. This is the consequence of this technology, and the confidence customers of RaceOption increase every day, even though it is not regulated. Security features in RaceOption.

  • SSL-certified
  • Security of funds in European bank
  • 3d secure enable


Offers and conditions for trading traders

Trading is an art that requires professionals, but with the help of experienced traders, trading can be done with ease thanks to their knowledge in all aspects of trading. However they come with certain restrictions and terms. Similar to the other services, RaceOption provides facilities to its users subject to certain conditions.

  • The minimum deposit amount is $250.
  • A deposit of $250-$999 will receive 20 percent of the bonus
  • A deposit of $1000 to $2999 will earn 50% bonus.
  • The deposit of funds between $3000 to $50,000 will earn 100% bonus.
  • Three types of types of account types
  • Experts from a multi-lingual team
  • Payouts up to 95 percent
  • More than 100 assets

RaceOptions provides a web-based platform and mobile application for trading. It is surprising that the demo account can only be obtained after having made the minimum amount of deposit to RaceOptions. You can make trades on currencies, cryptocurrencies and commodities, stocks and indices all day. The maximum amount of money you can receive is as high as 95% per trade. So, if you put in $ 100 for one transaction and receive a payment of $ 195 if you have made the correct forecast. If not, you'll lose the amount of investment.

It's a bit surprising that there's no free demo account that allows you to test the system. It is possible to use the trial account is available only when you have made the minimum deposit of $250.

Start your trading account at RaceOption

(Risk Warn your capital could be at risk)



RaceOption trading platform

RaceOption's trading platform

Trading is an essential economic concept that involves the buying and selling of commodities and currencies, and the payment of buyers to sellers or exchange of services or goods between the two parties. RaceOption however, offers the unique benefit of competitions in trading and copy trading on this platform.

On the left hand side, you will find the assets of various markets and pairs that users can browse for their desired pair to monitor it. Charts are available on central areas of the page to conduct analysis with the aid of the tools provided by the web-based platform. The clients can see their trading history by choosing an appropriate timeframe and perform an analysis of the results on both a month-to-month or weekly basis. The program also comes with an exclusive feature that helps you predict the market's direction and make money by forecasting market potential.

Analysis and charting

If one is looking to become profitable in the trading world, it is necessary to be able to master methods of analysis and charting. But, the broker industry is seeking to help people by providing various courses in trading and other services to users to increase their profits. RaceOption has devised a an innovative strategy to help those who are new to trading by offering them the option to trade using the trades of the highest earners and professional traders.

Adding charting tools to the RaceOption trading platform

Adding charting tools to RaceOption trading platform

Additionally, it has the benefit of contests in trading that push users to invest more to earn more. It is easy to access to every device. A chat area is located in the middle of the platform to perform the fundamental and technical analysis.

  • TradingView powered charts TradingView
  • Indicators
  • Drawing tools
  • Multiple timeframes
  • Different types of charts
  • All the features you'll require for your technical analysis

Mobile trading and apps

Mobile apps have transformed the world into one big village. Trading on mobile devices has had an active role in the world of trade. Race-option also joined the trend by launching a trading app for its customers to continue trading out and about. It has an user-friendly interface, and its size is only 1.8 Mb and 1.8k downloads. After opening the app, the demo account is opened and asks you to enter the prediction. Following this, there is the option to create a real one. The possibility of predicting potential of the market and earning through that strategy is accessible on this app.

The benefits of using this application:

  • It lets traders view their trading history and look at their mistakes
  • It permits instant execution of trades . It it also prevents the losing features
  • It's as easy as the web-based platform.
  • It displays live charts for every CFD and market on the platform.

Training to trade using RaceOption

Race-option has done an amazing job of assisting new users by offering them the option of copy trading which has brought immense benefits for new users and investors. The result of this fantastic service that raceoption is operating in a fast-paced manner with all the credit going to its excellent service and trust it has earned with its users. The following are the advantages of copy trading offered by RaceOption.

Copy trade

Copy trading with RaceOption

Copy trading with RaceOption

The following are some benefits of copy trading:

  • It minimizes the loss that traders could suffer.
  • It's effective for brand new traders. It is effective for new
  • It's a type of passive income strategy that allows you to make money and also to give a benefit that you can copy.
  • It lowers the risk of losing money by traders.

Technical analysis on the web platform

Race-option offers great assistance to the customers by offering live chat support for customers to assist them in trading. The platform also offers tools to analyze the coins, which helps users determine where they enter and leave. Absolutely, it offers excellent assistance to those learning to trade efficiently. This is the way that Race option has helped individuals to become proficient traders.

Registering an account with RaceOption

To create accounts is the primary step to entering the world of trading. It takes only 30 minutes to start an account. All you need to do is enter an email address, a phone number, and method of using the currency. After entering all of the details, the user must verify the email that was sent to the email address entered by clicking that link. After clicking the link, it redirects into the account page where one needs to enter only an email address and create a password for the user to login to the platform. Users can also use the mobile phone application for trading. Thus, opening an account isn't a difficult task even for novices. Once you have opened an account, it gives a wide range of options for account types.

RaceOption account types

Types of RaceOption accounts

These are the different types of accounts provided by RaceOption:

  • Bronze account
  • Silver account
  • Gold account

Bronze account

Bronze accounts offer the following benefits to users

  • A minimum security deposit of $250
  • Live video chat assistance
  • 20% deposit bonus
  • Demo account
  • Tool for copy-trading

Silver account

Silver account type offers the following benefits for users

  • A minimum of $1000 for a deposit.
  • Tool for copy-trading
  • Demo account
  • Live video chat Support
  • You can withdraw your account within one hour
  • 50% deposit bonus
  • Master Class
  • First three risk-free trades

Gold account

Gold account type gives the following benefits to users

  • Demo account
  • Tool for copy-trading
  • Live video chat Support
  • First 3 Risk-Free Trades
  • Personal Success Manager
  • A minimum of 3000$ for a deposit.
  • 100% Deposit Bonus
  • Master Class web-session

The minimum amount as well as the bonus percentage are easily accessed simply by entering in the amount of the deposit, and the user will receive their total deposit amount , which includes the increment of the percentage based on the amount of money deposited by customers. The bonus percentage is strictly based on the account types mentioned above.

Create a free trading account with RaceOption.

(Risk Warn your capital could be at risk)


RaceOption demo account

The demo account has been highly praised by its users. Almost all brokers offer the service to their clients to give them an experience of trading in real time to gain experience and learning a bit. It is well-known that trading is the foundation of knowledge and understanding. Therefore, due to the importance of having a demo account, it's available by race-option as well to help its customers. RaceOption has a restricted demo account for each account holder. This is accessible after the initial payment. Traders will have open an account and then deposit funds into their trading account to gain access to the demo.

Positive balance in protection

The primary purpose behind this feature is to safe new traders from being impacted by negative results. This is among the most innovative options offered by trading brokers. It differs from broker to broker. Certain brokers offer this service to their premium members, while some don't offer the option. In addition, RaceOption offers the unique benefit of copy trading. Through this feature, new users are not only secure from falling into negative but also earn money by copying trades made by professionals who trades using the website.

Withdrawals and deposits

The withdrawal and deposit process differs from broker to broker. Many claim that they're the most efficient withdrawals broker of the market, and a few brokers claim to be open about withdrawals and deposits. But, RaceOption has maintained its popularity with customers by delivering on all claims it made.

RaceOption payment methods

Payment methods for RaceOption

Here are the deposit methods employed by the RaceOption:

  • Visa MasterCard

It allows instant funds to accounts of users. It does however charge the transfer cost that is five percent.

  • Money that is perfect

It can provide up to one hour financing that covers all regions and is free of transfer fees.

  • Altcoins

Instant funding is available for all regions and comes with no transfer fees

  • Ethereum

Instant funding is available for every region and has no fee for transfer

  • Bitcoin

It is a quick and instant fund that covers all areas and comes with no transfer fees. In addition, you will receive an additional bonus of 5 percent.


The process of withdrawing is always a challenging and arduous process for customers. Because they want that it be made available immediately. In consideration of the safety of user funds it will deliver the money withdrawn within one hour following the proper verification.

Note When it is a weekend or public holidays, the time to fund can get delayed.

Services and support offered by RaceOption

The team is competent and with a professional team available all hours of the day to assist customers at the earliest. Live chat is available in the bar at the bottom right of the page where users can chat live with experts, ask questions regarding their problems and provide assistance with trading. This unique feature has allowed race-option to increase its customers quickly. Live chat chats are available in 24 languages around the world.

The following are the number of offices in different cities around the globe:

  • +18299476393 USA
  • +442080685335 UK
  • 3-395-0396 Hong Kong
  • 081-855-7055 Thailand
  • +7-499-7033774 Russia

Accepted countries as well as countries that are restricted

Presently, it has offices currently in Hong Kong, Marshall Islands, Thailand, Russia, and the UK. RaceOption is able to serve clients from all over the world however, it does not offer businesses in the US territory.


Race-option offers a range of services to its clients. The following are the main features offered by race-option.

  • Support for multi-lingual interfaces and languages
  • Copy trade
  • Trading contest
  • There is no fee to transfer. Visa cards.
  • Multiple deposit methods
  • One hour of guaranteed withdrawal
  • Recent news and information about the market
  • Fundamental and technical analyses of market
  • 3 tier account system
  • 1 $ minimum trade size
  • 100+ trading assets
  • 5 currency pairs of foreign currency
  • 9 commodities
  • 35 indices
  • 80 stocks of international origin
  • Support team with experience
  • Live chat with expert traders
  • 3 risk-free trades when you open an account with promo code
  • Secure trading

Special Offers

RaceOption contests and Giveaway

RaceOption contests and giveaways

To entice customers to invest more and to get their friends on trading, the site offers various giveaways as well as other perks along with the bonus for referrals.

Competition in the trading industry

It has an annual trading contest in which hundreds of participants participate in it. They also stand a an opportunity to take home the sum of $20k.


In the present, these offers are currently on the table:

  • Apple Watch 10 Prizes series 6 when you deposit $500-999$
  • Five prizes to be won of iPhone 12 pro 256GB by placing a $1000-$499 deposit
  • Five prizes to iPad pro when you deposit $2500-4999dollars
  • 3 . Prizes of Mac 27" by placing $5000 in the bank plus

The conclusion of RaceOption review: It's not a fraud

RaceOption is an excellent trading platform that provides thousands of pairs for customers to earn and trade. It provides a sense of confidence to its users and motivates users to invest and earn. The entire process from depositing money to withdrawing it is clear and transparent, which has earned its confidence. It offers different types of accounts similar to its competitors.

It provides a very user-friendly interface for using web-based trading platforms as well as mobile apps. Support for customers and the team behind the project are the key driving force behind this fantastic project. In addition to trading, it offers the option of copy trading along with other prizes and offers for its customers to take part more actively in trading. We can conclude that it's not a fraud.

It displays a bar with active users as well as the amount of USD they earn and the trader's average income . It is displayed on the top on the page's main.

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Race Option
Minimum Diposit
$ $ 250
1:30 | 1:200
No Regulation,,
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Payment Method
Visa,Mastercard,Credit Card,Wire,Perfect Money,Webmoney,Bitcoin,Maestro,Qiwi,,
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Broker Type
ECN (electronic communications networks),,
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Mini account,Scalping,Standard,,
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