PLUS500 Broker Reviews and Full Information

What is Plus500?

Plus500 was established at the end of 2008 Israel and has since expanded to include companies around the world, including Cyprus, UK, Australia, Singapore and many more. In actuality, Plus500 is a leading CFD company that has built an excellent foundation for professional trading environment and its expansion.

Plus500 is also listed as a regulated CFD providers for financial markets. The actual size of the business is evident by its official numbers, as we saw in Plus500 Review. It provides over 304 thousand clients who are active. For the entire year over 39million positions were opened and a total at a value of more than 1849billion dollars was traded.

The Plus500 pros and cons

Plus500 is a trusted brand that has many traders around the world They are a trusted broker that are regulated by FCA, CySEC and other regulations, which are listed on Stock Exchange for extra transparency. Plus500 is among the most reliable broker for CFD trading that has an easy-to navigate trading platform and mobile application.

However there's no appropriate training or research tool that is effective So the proposal may not be appropriate for novices and the products offered are entirely dependent on CFDs.

Plus500 Website

10 Points Summary




CFD provider that is regulated by the authorities of Cyprus, UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa


Plus500 Platform


The most popular CFD product lines include Cryptocurrency

Spread EUR/USD


Demo Account


Minimum deposit


Base currencies

10 currencies of base provided


A limited selection of educational materials , and there is no general trading course and no live webinars.

Customer Support


What is the process behind Plus500 trading operate?

Plus500 permits professional and retail accounts with the ability to exchange CFDs on a wide range of assets that cover more than 50 nations with high-end support for 16 languages, 24 hours a day and a truly global coverage of the operation. The end result is Plus500 offers financial investment opportunities by allowing traders from all over the world the ability to access financial markets via its patented trading technology that is that is based on CFDs.

Additionally, the the firm is listed as an as an official CFD provider which provides an added degree of security and advantages to traders.

Furthermore, Plus500 shows an understanding of the value of innovation and which is why they continuously improve their trading services and generously rewards customers with fair trading terms. In addition, they have developed different trading programs and accessories to increase capabilities, that have become award-winning programs that are suitable for large groups including affiliates, traders and affiliates.

Plus500 investors


Apart from its broad range of activities, Plus500 is a well acknowledged world-wide CFD platform that is used by a variety of different organizations and shows. Plus500 is also a strategic point-of-sale through a variety of initiatives. Continuously growing its trading volume and expanding into new markets, continues leadership through the development of new products and services, as well as supporting different social events as well as sponsorships.

  • Major Sponsor of Club Atletico de Madrid, 2016-2018 Champions League finalists and 2013-2014 "La Liga" champions
  • Plus500 Group signed a significant sponsorship agreement with"the "Plus500 Brumbies" 2017 Super Rugby Australian Conference Champions

Plus500 sponsorship


Is Plus500 an authentic company or a fraud?

Plus500 is considered safe and not a frauddue to its legal status to provide Contracts to Difference (CFD) trading, as well as other related products by implementing the most stringent guidelines. The that the trading experience and performance provided by Plus500 is 100% legitimate and is based on security rules set by the world's well-known and respected regulatory bodies.

In the end, registration within the internationally renowned jurisdiction will provide the possibility of a state corporation that which is continuously monitored and established with the highest standards. and in turn, ensures the sustainability of the company.

The reason we constantly insist on regulation is that the world of trading is filled with "alluring" traders that operate exclusively through offshore, poorly controlled entitiesthat cannot provide you with a secure environment for trading because of the absence of control.

Are Plus500 licensed and is it regulated?

Plus500 is a registered trademark operating as a regulated CFD platform by Plus500 Ltd which is authorized by the financial authorities. They include United Kingdom authority, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Australian Securities Investment Commission ASIC CySEC FCA ASIC CySEC FCAand the MAS trademark for the Singapore Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Plus500 license

Additionally, Plus500 Ltd is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange with solid financial credentials, providing an additional degree of confidence towards Plus500 Ltd. Find specific regulatory licenses and Plus500 name below.

Legal person

Security for Investors & Licenses

Plus500CY Ltd

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission registration number. 250/14

Plus500UK Ltd

It is regulated by FCA UK registration no. 509909

Plus500AU Pty Ltd

ASIC Securities Investment Commission (Australia) registration number. AFSL 417727

FMA in New Zealand, FSP 486026


Authorized South Africa FSP 47546


Plus500SG Pte Ltd

MAS Singapore registration no. CMS100648-1

Plus500IL Ltd

In Israel and licensed to run an online trading platform

What are the best ways to protect yourself?

Although each state and jurisdiction may have slightly different rules for Plus500 operations, its primary issues are always centered around investors and traders all throughout. In accordance to the CySEC, FCA, Australian Securities and Investment Commission and other regulations that are respected, CFD provider strongly conforms to numerous client-protection tools.

Regulators are required to provide maximum security for funds in accordance with various rules in addition to applying safety measures in any and all situations to ensure the safety of day traders. The funds of clients are always transferred into a trust account that is segregated and the CFD company uses its own funds to hedge or other business-related purposes.

Additionally, all customers account are secured by Negative balance protection. This means that clients are not able to lose more than the amount they have in their account. Additional information can be viewed via the official regulators' website.



In relation to the Plus500 risks , they primarily considered the type of strategy you employ and the leverage you choose to use, the capital you invest is at risk , retail investor accounts are prone to losing money.

However, as per the regulations restrictions and imposition of authorized operation, the citizens of different nations are covered by specific jurisdiction rules.

Before you begin, you must determine the level you are can use, as traders may face some variances in terms of leverage levels due to the regulations. Additionally, based on your experience level since professionals can be able to access higher leverage options, their level of leverage is established.

  • European CySEC, ASIC and FCA traders who are regulated will be able to enjoy the highest leverage of 1:31
  • MAS traders are able to be multiplications of Plus500 leverage to 1:50.
  • South African traders will be given the option of using 1:20 for shares, 1:300 to Forex and Indices and 11:30 in Crypto assets.

What is the required margin?

Every instrument is unique and has the margin that can be traded, and it is different based on the leverage applicable. You should verify this information directly on the platform for the instrument you intend to trade.

Plus500 islamic account

Types of Accounts

Plus500 offers a basic trading account for all customers which means you are able to begin account activation with a minimum amount of money to change your Demo account to a real one. You have the option of an free , unlimited Demo account which can be open and can later be changed to a live trading.

Who is eligible to sign up for an account at Plus500 account?

Because of international branches everywhere in the major jurisdictions, Plus500 accepts clients from all over the globe. However, some areas will be restricted that include US, Canada, Indonesia, Cuba and Iran. It is important to know whether you are subject to these regulations or not.

Can an account with Plus500 account be opened for South African residents?

If you're a South African resident you may trade under Plus500AU Pty Ltd which is an approved South Africa Financial provider.

If you're eligible to make use of Plus500 trading services you can avail Islamic Accounts a specific feature that is available to traders who require particular conditions because of the application to Sharia rules. Thus, Islamic traders are most welcome and also.


What are the types of accounts?

To keep things simple, Plus500 offers a basic trading account for all customers and you can begin account activation with a minimum deposit in order to change your Demo account into an actual account.

When you've completed the transaction, regardless of size or the level of experience each client is able to use the same account feature. In addition traders can enjoy additional benefits and discounts so long as their trading volume is increased.

Plus500 accounts

How do I start an account?

This step-by-step method of opening your account requires you following the Plus500 sign-in page where you'll be guided through a easy process of opening your account step-by-step. Demo accounts will be open in just 5 minutes, and for you to be able to start Live trading, you must present the required proofs and documents.

Based on the specific region of the Plus500 the account holder will be required to submit a document to verify your identity, or other details. Once you have done that, you'll then be able deposit money into your account live and begin trading immediately.

Step by step

1. Follow Plus500 Create or sign in to an account link

2. Enter your personal data (Name, email, phone number, etc.)

3. Verify your identity and account by uploading confirmation documents such as a residential document such as a utility bill duplicate of your ID, bank statement , etc.

4. Take the online quiz to confirm your experience with trading

5. Once the account is verified and activated, this can take anywhere from 2 to 3 business days, deposit the deposit of money and begin trading.

Trading Fees

Plus500 uses a transparent fee structure that is free of charges that are built into the spread of competition. But, in addition to the above, you must be aware about additional charges like fees for non-trading, such as inactivity fees that we will discuss more in depth.

Remember that fees are continuously altering as Plus500 provides both dynamic and fixed spreads. They are continuously modified to market's needs, so we offer rates and spreads for information only, and are current when we wrote publishing.



Plus500 Fees

AvaTrade Fees

eToro Fees

Fee for deposit




Fee for withdrawal




Fee for inactivity




Fee rating




A summary of the fees for non-trading

The fees must be taken into consideration when applying for as Plus500 non-trading fees are considered to be quite advantageous. There are no fees for withdrawals and the minimum amount to withdraw is 100dollars, as per the next paragraph of our Review, or for other fees, so the only instance is Plus500's Inactivity fee..

In the event that your account is inactive and there are no transactions over a period of three months , the cost of up to $10 will be assessed. This is to ensure access to the service and is adapting to accounts that are real and is easily prevented by the minimum activities even.

A quick look at Plus500

Naturally, it is not a good idea to shouldn't never decide on an agent or broker by comparing a spread fee or choose the one that has the lowest fees. It is important to take into consideration every aspect of the trading offer along with the other charges, trading conditions as well as regulations.

If we were to examine Plus500 services, the primary thing we'd like to mention is the fact that they provide various spreads, as well as an array of instruments. But, they are available are on a CFD basis, and the platform you utilize is their exclusive to the Plus500 software.

Conditions for fee upon the opening of trade

Illustrative prices

Plus500 spreads


Plus500 charges are integrated into the spread base, like most CFD charges offered by brokers include, and without any additional charges and commissions. Fees for Forex based on spread only , with no commissions, because this type of fee allow for a simple calculation and is the most suitable choice for many traders, regardless of the strategy. Below, we will show Plus500 spreadbreakdown below, and Forex fees are regarded to be at an the average.

An overview of the trade fees

In reality, Plus500 ranked fees through Plus500 Review as its spread was among the most slender spreads and the average or comparable ones within the market.

It is sometimes difficult to know if the charges are worth it or not. This is the reason we will explore further , since it is essential to evaluate brokers and Plus500.

Our report on CFD costs

The term "spread" initially refers to the difference between asking price and bid prices generated by Plus500 that represents its trading costs. In the end, Plus500 CFD fees and Stock CFDs are enjoyable. Compare them further.



Asset/ Pair

Plus500 Spread

Spread of AvaTrade


EUR USD Spread

0.6 Pips

1.3 Pips

3 pip

Crude Oil WTI Spread

2 pip

3 pip

5 pip

Gold Spread




BTC USD Spread




Overnight charge

The Plus500 overnight fee (also known as the overnight fund) is applicable to positions that are said as a long position, that is held for over a period of time, and for more than the duration of a day. The fee is deducted from accounts on a per-percent basis and is defined by each instrument specifically.

Plus, Plus500 Guaranteed Stop Order is a feature that promises your chosen rate, but with the possibility of a larger spread. This is a great tool in high-risk conditions and is still in your reach, but is definitely worthwhile to consider in order to better manage your risk.

To pay for the Exchange Rate Feebroker charges this cost for any trades made for instruments that are denominated in another currency than the currency used on your account.

For instance, you could also look into and evaluate costs with another well-known online broker for social trade

Plus500 EURUSD

Illustrative prices


Deposits and withdrawals

Plus500 subsidiaries are licensed and regulated by the countries where they operate and, consequently, in strict compliance with the rules governing client money and the highest level of security you can transfer funds to or out of a trading accounts with ease.

Below we review Plus500 with other CFD broker that offer accounts for retail investors and a Professional account that offer similar propositions along with financial instrument.

Plus500 deposit options in comparison with similar brokers





Bank Transfer




Credit Debit Card




Electronic Wallets




Base Currencies




What is the reason it is important to examine the base currencies of Plus500 against other brokers similar to it?

Simply because it means that you do not have to pay conversion fees and can transfer money more quickly in the currency that you use to fund your account in. Check out the comparison with the other CFD broker and the account-based on the currencies of their account.

Options and fees for deposits

In the present, Plus500 maintains a great policy that is geared towards the customer that makes money transactions a easy with no cost deposits and no charges are passed on to the customer. If, however, you made deposits in a currency other than the one that your account is based in, the business might charge commissions to you to convert the funds.

The site provides a wide range of currencies of the baseas well, which means that when you set up your account in a particular currency, there's no fee for conversion to your bank account if you complete the transaction with a specific rate.

Plus500 offers a variety of ways to transfer of funds to trading accounts, including

  1. Credit Card (only Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card will be accepted)
  2. E-wallets include PayPal or Skrill
  3. Direct bank transfer using the transfer of funds from the bank to the bank

Plus500 funds management

How much is the minimal amount of deposit for Plus500?

Plus500's minimum deposit is 100$ , but differs based on the country in which the account for trading is established. It is important to keep in mind that every method has the required minimum deposit too.

Minimum deposit of Plus500 in comparison to other brokers



Many Other Brokers

Minimum Deposit



Plus500 withdrawal

The Plus500 fee for withdrawal is not charged however, you must make a request to withdraw more than the set amount of $100 or up to five month intervals. The withdrawal methods that you can use include Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Cards and electronic wallets come with minimum thresholds. These can be seen in the withdrawal screen of the trading platform. It varies in each jurisdiction.

How long will the process of withdrawing money from your account?

If you follow all the instructions and send your request for withdrawal via Bank Transfer or other methods are usually processed and confirmed with Plus500's Plus500 Accounting team in 3 to 5 working days.

But, you must provide a certain amount of time for your provider to complete the transaction, as it is based on the location and provider rules.

How do I withdraw funds from Plus500?

In order to withdraw funds from your trading account, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your account, then choose 'Withdraw Funds from the top menu
  2. Input the amount you have withdrawn.
  3. Select the withdrawal method you prefer.
  4. Complete the withdrawal request with the necessary conditions
  5. Confirm withdrawal and submit

Plus500 instruments

Market Instruments

For the selection of products that is growing rapidly, an most reputable CFD provider. As fast-growing provides a fantastic collection of over 2800 instruments to choose fromso you are sure to find the right portfolio for you to trade. The CFD provider allows you to speculate and trade on changes in price, using innovative technology for trading.

The proposition itself provides commodities, shares, indices currencies, ETFs, currency pairs and options on a CFD instruments. Plus, Plus500 also offering the extremely advanced technology that comes with cryptocurrency trading while adding more instruments to its portfolio.

CFDs and Forex through CFDs trading is a significant benefit to traders because that you're not selling or buying the instrument that you trade, but rather speculating on its movements. Furthermore, CFDs are traded as leveraged commodities and offer the chance of gaining access to higher options if you're an experienced trader. This increases the chances of success and the losses you incur when using leverage. So, it is important to utilize them with care.


What can I do to exchange Cryptocurrency via Plus500?

Since its launch, the CFD platform is constantly developing new products and services that accommodate their clients' needs in trading, the majority of them are still basing on CFDs. Therefore, it is possible to trade Cryptocurrency through Plus500. Because the Crypto trading market is experiencing a "boom", Plus500 included this possibility too.

The instruments are extremely broad and you can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum / Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO, Ripple, IOTA, Monero using CFDs. It is extremely convenient because there are no complications of cryptoassets, you don't have to own a the crypro wallet or asset it is possible to speculate on the price movements by putting a specific amount.

Illustrative prices

Another fantastic feature of cryptocurrency can be found in the fact that this market is open all hours of the day, even on weekend days (Except during the hour of Sundays) The majority of markets are closed, which gives additional benefits.

Thus, advanced Plus500 risk management tools are extremely usefulhere to control the risk, as crypts are highly volatile instruments. The cryptocurrency is traded as CFDs on cryptocurrency and, therefore, that you don't buy cryptocurrency but rather speculate on its price movements, which makes the process available to nearly every trader.


Trading Platforms Plus500

Plus500 offers an easy, user-friendly and user-friendly platforms interfaces for CFDs which is an Plus500 exclusive trading softwarethat is also entirely on the internet.

The main difference in Plus500 WebTrader & Windows trader

There are many versions that are suitable for all devices that are operated by Plus500 WebTrader platform. It is an online platform that runs on desktops using the web browser. This means that you do not need to install or download any specific software on a computer and you only require Internet access. So the WebTrader and Windows trader ultimately is identical to the features available via your browser on Plus500.

  • Plus500 does not provide the desktop platform Windows

Login and Security

In order to begin, you must log in with the security settings on your account. You can make use of your current Google as well as Facebook account.

Web Platform for trading

Plus500 Cryptocurrency



Excellent proprietary trading platform for Web.

There is no MetaTrader4 provided

Friendly to both the user and customer

A limited range of tools and technical analysis

Web as well as Mobile App for iOS and Android

Only web version available

Simple to navigate and easy to make use of


A comprehensive search across portfolios


Fee Report


Language support in many languages


Plus500 platfrom

Illustrative prices

Feel and look

The trading software is easy to learn and to use and everything is done via the web site. When you log in to the website, you'll be greeted with a clear and easy-to-read interface, with a monitors and full control of your account with settings for Portfolio, searchand fee reports, along with stats.

Mobile and web platforms are simple to navigate and use with a clean and attractive design and fantastic graphs,also having well-defined search features . Even seeing the platform for the first time are able to navigate it quickly. A it is easy to navigate and understand the interfaces will certainly help your approach.

The placement of orders

In addition to the main functions apart from its main functions, Apart from the main features, Plus500 trading platform lets you manage your account using tools for managing risk like Stop Limit and Stop Loss.

The Order Types

Additionally, there is also, a trailing stop that will automatically limit the loss of a position while locking in profits guaranteed stop and free notifications.

Plus500 sell oil

Mobile Trading Platform

Alongside WebTrader you can also use WebTrader for mobile trading that is well-designed that is compatible with Android iPhone or iPad. In fact, it has received an award for having one of the highest scores - the top mobile platform CFD trading mobile application available on Apple's App Store as well as Google Play. Plus500's mobile trading platform is equipped with the tools you need and complete control of your account or positions, giving users great access when you are on the move.




Customer friendly


Navigation intuitive and intuitive


Good search engine for commodities indices and other instruments


How can I Sell/Buy on Plus500?

To make an order, log in to your account, then click the desired instrument buy or sell order when you are configuring the settings as well as setting the risk levels. You can also manage your position by changing the figures or closing it by hand.

Search functions

One of the best aspects of the website is the search feature, which allows simple navigation between products, instruments and products using advanced search options or a standard one. You can easily find a categories by simply typing the name into the search bar.

Alerts and Notifications

Despite its basic design, it's equipped with the latest charting, technical indicators, and actual-time alerts for price movementswith notifications that you could get via email. In addition, there is economic calendars and news feeds, which allow more detailed analysis of price changes.

Plus500 alerts

How can you earn money with Plus500?

In the beginning, you must consider all dangers involved in trading as it always has a risk, and shouldn't be considered as an income source.
Additionally, in order to achieve possible success in trading, you must follow a strategy that works best for you and can improve your performance, which is achieved by a rigorous learning process and the utmost refinement of your strategy.

Are Plus500 good enough?

In reality, Plus500 gives you every opportunity to make it in tradingincluding an extensive selection of markets that you can trade and with very affordable prices and all the options remain in your grasp.


Customer Service

Another advantage of Plus500 is the customer support services that are available 24/7 with WhatsApp support live chat, support for chat and email. Therefore, if you have any questions or concern you have you need to get in touch with the support team since the service is excellent and professional.

Plus500 will assists traders in many ways and provide relevant solutions that are quick and reliable. instructions or assistance you can ask for, which is great and crucial for you as a customer. Additionally, a large number of languages they can support and their live chat available 24/7 makes them more valuable because this kind of customer support is not common in comparison to other brokers.

Plus500 customer service



For the educational resources that are required for beginner traders and accompanying your trading experience at all times This isn't what you'll get in Plus500.

It offers a limited amount of educational material and does not offer a trading courses in general, and no live online webinars. There are some courses that are referred to in the form of Plus500 Trade's Guide, which is a simple guide to how to utilize a proprietary trading platform.

Its platform itself has great charts, as well as an economic calendar, built-in news feeds and alert systems that are extremely useful. But it doesn't offer technical analysis or other resources for research that can help the daily trading.