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What exactly is Fondex?

Fondex also referred to by the name Kawase Exchange is a European online trading broker that is based on Cypruswhich operates based on ideas inspired by Japanese concepts like confidence, strength determination, flexibility and simple.

Fondex as an trade name for TopFX has years of experience and a license that is regulated to provide the best trading experience with the latest technology.

In general, TopFX is an international brokerage firm that is specialized in liquidity supply and regulation of institutions that started operations in the year the year 2010. Retail operations began just 5 years after, when Kawase and Fondex started trading in the most important Asian markets.

Fondex Pros and Pros and

Fondex is a reputable company with good feedback from traders. It's a European broker using Japanese technology. They have powerful cTrader platform features, Excellent copy trading options that are suitable for new traders, low commissions for trading and an account with a single account that has clear terms and conditions.

On the other hand There isn't a comprehensive educationand no MT4 is provided as an alternative. Conditions differ according to the regulations.

10 Points Summary

Headquarters Cyprus
Regulation CySEC
Instruments Fondex FX Shares Powershares, iShares ETFs Indices, Metals and Commodities
Platforms CTrader
Minimum deposit No deposit requirement
Base currencies A variety of Currencies are offered
Demo Account Available
Spread EUR/USD 0.28 pip
Education No comprehensive education
Customer Support 24/5




The company's success in its operation and its delivery of a trading environment have is recognized by a variety of rewards and awards from well-known publishers or exhibitors. Additionally, Fondex clients have been able to vote the company top of the line in customer service quality, value for money and overall satisfaction with their customers, which confirms Fonex's strong position within the propositions.



Is Fondex secure or is it a scam?

There is no, Fondex considered low-risk Forex trading broker due to its location in Cyprus The company is legally registered as TopFX LTD and conducts its business under the strict regulations through CySEC. Prior to that, TopFX was a trading name for Kawase. Recently, it was changed to Fondex and is remaining a licensed company, and crossing-borderly licensed by 25 EU regulators, to provide services to clients who reside within those within the EEA region.

How can you be protected?

The CySEC has a variety of requirements that are also in compliance with MiFID directive , which includes financial reporting, capital adequacy to regulators and conduct an audit that is thorough, making the control of Fondex activities constant and unrivalled.

The protection of money and customer security are provided in a variety of ways, and the trader's funds are held at world-class banks and are fully segregated, which means they are kept separate from the firm's business activities, and secured by Negative balance security.

Additionally, Fondex is also a member of the ICF (Investor Compensation Fund) which solves issues in unlikely situations and also compensates investors. Learn more about CySEC here.

Although the other entity is situated within the offshore region, recent offshores are also imposing more rigorous licensing rules, on top of ESMA regulations. Fondex is regarded as a safe broker to invest in and trade with.




Leverage is the method by which you can trade a significant amount of money due to the leverage ability to increase the initial size of your trading. For instance, if your trading account is 1:3 leverage, and suppose that you have $1,000 in your account which means 1:30 leverage permits you to buy a $30,000 position.

Leverage could increase your risk, but the likelihood of profit or losses also increases and it is therefore crucial to understand how to utilize leverage effectively.

  • Fondex allows traders to trade at leverage of up to 1.500 to Professional customers and retail traders can use lesser leverage due to the limitations on regulation set by ESMA. So, the leverage for retail traders is 11:30 in the case of major currencies. It is 1:20 for lesser ones, and 1:10 for commodities.
  • International traders can claim 1:500 in the most important currency pairs


Types of accounts

Fondex does not provide various account types, and made its offer into a Fondex single account to meet different styles of trading or volume with spreads that start at 0 pips. Additionally, for Muslim traders, there is the option of trading via the Swap-free account.




The price aggregation proprietary uses an unique method to identify the price in more than 50x per second in order to determine the lowest quote available for an instrument. Fondex spreads are raw , with commission-based trading charges that are entirely based on.


Spreads from Fondex as stated are raw spreads , with the additional commission fee in the amount of 2.5USD per side, and that is 100 k$ of traded that makes it a good option for active traders as well as novices as well. For ETFs and 100 Shares, the commission is 1$ per day and is extremely affordable compared to other brokerages and proposals for market.

For an example take a look at the table below and look at the typical Fondex spread that we have discovered through our fondex review. Additionally, you can compare fees with another broker that is well-known Equiti.


Fondex rollover

Also, never forget to consider Fondex rolling over or fees for overnight as a charge to be paid on positions that are held for more than a single day. The amount is determined by the direction in which you trade in and the difference between bids. Costs to hold are based upon various factors, and typically positive swap is paid for buy-side positions.

It is the Fondex swap-free accounts is also a way for those who are of Islamic faith to participate in the trading market with no fees for swaps or spread enlargement. If you wish to open an account with this account, you must fill out a form that requires confirmation of your faith to finish the application.



Fondex provides over 1000 markets to trade which means that international traders are have access to some of the most prestigious liquidity providers as well as exchanges across the globe through its proprietary aggregator engine that offers the most competitive possible prices from top-tier banks. A wide range of trading markets, including the most traded instruments makes Fondex FX Shares, iShares, Powershares ETFs, Indices Metals, and commodities broker.



Deposit and withdrawal methods

Funds can be withdrawn or deposited is available directly from Fondex cTrader, which bypasses the client interface, which makes it an easy procedure, and the transactions are completed by the preferred method.

Deposit methods

The methods available include

  • Cards Payments
  • Bank Transfers
  • UnionPay,
  • Qiwi,
  • WebMoney,
  • Skrill,
  • Neteller,
  • Yandex Money.

Certain payment methods are only available in specific countries , and they will only be available in the deposit window that is opened from the particular region.

Is there a minimum amount of deposit for Fondex?

Fondex the minimumdeposit of 0$ however the minimum deposit which allows you to participate in live trading from the beginning is 200 units of the chosen currency, like USD200, GBP200, etc. It is a good amount for any size trader, and also Fondex one account without distinction depending on the account you use to use to trade.

Fondex Minimum deposit in comparison to other brokers

  Fondex Many Other Brokers
Minimum Deposit $100 $500


Fondex doesn't charge deposits fees, however be sure to consult with your financial institution to determine if any fees can be waived by them. The only thing is that withdraws be subject to an additional processing charge that is divided by payment method Fondex withdrawal options Cards and Online Transfers will charge 3 as well. Bank Wire Transfer costs 0.9 percent for transfers in Euro.



Trading Platforms

The award-winning Fondex trading platform, which provides banking-grade trading conditions as well as rapid execution via a deep of market and direct connections to banks through it's the NDD Model.

The proprietary platform is one of the biggest benefits of Fondex cTrader, which was previously called Kawase CTrader Broker, and today Fondex cTrader was designed to be an DMA platform with execution that is determined by speed and high quality features directly linked to the market without bridge technology. So, you're gaining access to trade at the same level that institutional clients as well, which is an excellent opportunity.

Pros Cons
The mainstay of cTrader's award-winning cTrader. Fast and light NDD execution. Strong trading capabilities and free tools No MT4
Clear view and excellent charting  
Comprehensive analysis  
Auto trading and copy trading  

Web Platform

The platform offers unmatched transparency through a comprehensive order deal and timeline as well as live order book values as well as 50 field of information about position.

Desktop platform

Fondex cTrader is scalable to different devices with the Desktop, Web as well as Mobile version which makes the experience accessible to nearly everything. live market sentiment, charting tools trading history, session details as well as trailing stops.

Mirror trading

In addition, cTrader offers more by allowing Mirror trading as well as algorithmic trading using cMirror and CAlgo. In addition, cMirror was designed to enable mirroring of over 1000 strategies of top traders which enhances the possibility for trading with ease and ease.

Thus, you can be a signal company and get a commission , or to automate your trading with the help of the strategy. All of this is accessible through a single account feature.

Mobile platform



Customer Support

Additionally, Fondex customer support service demonstrated its competence and ranks among the top positions, offering multi-lingual assistance and quick response using live chat support. Alongside its favorable pricing on trading, the Fondex support can help you through the opening of your account and trading process at any point.

There's an international telephone number and email service which means that overall Fondex traders have access to the professional assistance that any trader could require, which is definitely an added benefit.



The final point of our Fondex review is educational materials which we found that the Fondex offers educational materials covering a wide range of subjects, along with Forex News and recent market news. That's not all it is that education can be limited to and if you're a an absolute beginner, make sure to enroll in a quality educational course that includes workshops and seminars with an outside provider if you want to trade using Fondex.

Tools for research, however they are quite advanced professional in nature since Fondex cTrader is compatible with a variety of tools and expands capabilities through excellent analysis tools.



The Fondex review examines a business brokerage that was previously called Kawase Exchange which relied on its liquidity and the expertise of institutions in order to offer competitive offerings to retail customers. The direct access to market is based on top-quality technological solutions, while the exclusive platform that is directly connected to Banks ensures regularity for traders with a variety of benefits based on the size of trading and the extensive trading tools.

Properties Values
Kawase Exchange | Fondex
Minimum Diposit
$ 200
CySEC (Cyprus),
3rd Floor, Stratigou Gianni Timagia 19, Limassol, 3107, Cyprus
Payment Method
Properties Values
0.28 pips
Min Position size
Broker Type
ECN (electronic communications networks),NDD (Non Dealing Desk),Instant Execution,,,,
Account Type
Mini account,Standard,
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Account currency
Charting Software,
Website Languages
Support languages
Reviews Rating
Withdrawal Fee
Trading Signals
Free Education
Daily News
Demo account
1. Mainstay on multiply awarded cTrader Light fast NDD execution Powerful trading capabilities with free tools.
2. Clean view and good charting.
3. Comprehensive analysis.
4. Copy trading and auto trading
1. No MT4
Display Analysis
Serving country
Not Serving country
Market analysis
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Bitcoin Forex Brokers
Social trading
Web trading
Forex pairs
Copy,Myfxbook Auto trade,Mql5 signals,
Mobile Trading
Automated Trading
Partnership Programs
Free Phone
Customer Support
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