Interactive Brokers Broker Reviews and Full Information

What exactly is Interactive Brokers?

The company's story began in 1977, when the Chairman Thomas Peterffy brought a seat on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) and joined the trading group with the status of an individual market maker of equity options. Since then, after numerous years of integration and development, Interactive Brokers or IB operates its dealer or broker business across more than 120 international marketsand is considered to be one of the leading trading firms worldwide that adhere to the advancement of technology in trading.

The reason why Interactive Brokers gained their highest ratings and have a great reputation with the traders? Firstly, the general offerings of the broker aimed at clients who are competitive and have a focus on options through a transparent policy that includes low commissions and financing rates, as well as price executions that reduce cost, yet provide the best level of trading technology.

Interactive Brokers Management office is located at Greenwich, Connecticut and provides its other entities across the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, UK, Australia, Hungary, Russia, Japan, India, China and Estonia.

InteractiveBrokers Pros as well as Cons

Interactive Brokers is among the most reliable and highly-regulated brokers around the world. They have a good reputation. Account opening is effortless, with a technological foundation trading platform, trading platform, and the range of instruments available are among the top available on the market, as well as the lowest fees and spreads. The Education section, the variety of tools available customer support, and financing methods are also at the top of their game.

On the negative side On the negative side, we'd only acknowledge the high-end nature of the propositions, as well as the large deposits for certain accounts which creates IB more appropriate for experienced and professional trader's as well as institutions.


What kind of broker is InteractiveBrokers?

Through its broker dealer or agency model of business, IB provides direct access to trade processing and clear to retail and institutional traders on a broad range of goods, such as stocks, options and futures, as well as bonds, forex CFDs, and funds around the world. In 2017, IBKR was one of the first brokers to offer clients accessibility to Bitcoin Futures trading via CFE and the Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE) as well as the CME.

In reality, aside of the retail client's service The broker is focused on a the broad range of services for connecting and conducting trading solutions for business through the Investors Marketplace. It is an internet-based marketplace which includes advisors, service providers and hedge funds, as well as business developers, research analysts and administrators. In addition, it unveiling a brand-new Order Management System (OMS) for institutional clients.


10 Points Summary

Headquarters USA
Regulation and License US SEC & CFTC, ASIC, FCA
Instruments Securities, Options (Incl. Futures Options), Futures, Forex, CFDs , Warrants, Combinations, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Structured Products, Physical Metals, Inter-Commodity Spreads
Platforms TWS, IB WebTrader
Minimum deposit 2,000$
Demo Account Available
Base currencies Various currencies
Education Professional Trading Acedemy
Costs One of the commissions that is among the lowest.
Customer Support 24/7




Through the years of run of Interactive Brokers Group, its constantly evolving and expanding the propositions, affiliates have executed more than 800,000 transactions per day. The broker is an dependable partner to numerous customers, or with global corporations the broker has been acknowledged not just as an significant trader but also recognized in time by numerous award and program.



Are Interactive Brokers secure or is it a fraud

This isn't a fraud, in fact Interactive Brokers is highly and extremely highly regulated by international regulators across the globe, because of its global reach and commitment to providing a secure trading environments.

Is IB legitimate?

The Interactive brokers' group of companies serves not only numerous entities around the word, but design and operate vast of trademarks that are all regulated and are part of the InteractiveBrokers LLC: Interactive Brokers (r), IBSM, (r), IB Universal Account (r), Interactive Analytics (r), IB Options AnalyticsSM, IB SmartRoutingSM, PortfolioAnalyst (r), IB Trader WorkstationSM and One World, One AccountSMare.

The IB holds multiple operating licenses from respected authorities to ensure that the broker continues to be in complete compliance to SEC, FINRA, NYSE, FCA, ASIC, IIROC and other standards of regulatory agencies or the rules to protect traders as well as presence in the industry of trading the industry.

Interactive Brokers entity Regulation and Licence
INTERACTIVE BROKERS LLC A member of of the NYSE and FINRA as well as SIPC and is regulated through the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
INTERACTIVE BROKERS Canada Inc. It is a member of Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.
Interactive BROOKERS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD ABN 98 929 568, is licensed and regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (AFSL 245574) and is a member within ASX, ASX 24 and Chi-X Australia.
Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited It is regulated and authorized through The Financial Conduct Authority entry number 208159.
INTERACTIVE BROOKERS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. Is a member of NSE, BSE. Regn. No. SEBI Register No. INZ000217730; NSDL: IN-DP-NSDL-301-2008. CIN-U67120MH2007FTC170004.
INTERACTIVE BROOKERS SECURITIES JAPAN INC Brokerage of financial instruments: Kanto Finance Bureau Director (Kimyo) No. 187. Membership Association: Japan Securities Dealers Association General Financial Futures Trading Association.
INTERACTIVE BROKERS HONG KONG LIMITED It is regulated through The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission which is also a member of both the SEHK as well as the Hong Kong Futures Exchange.

What can you do to be protected?

In reality, compliance with regulations means that each step of the process, client's fund management as well as participation in the compensation schemenegative balance protection and procedure execution, or general delivery of trading has no doubts, since they are based solely according to the method it must be performed to achieve the best performance.

Therefore, you can trade with confidence and confidence knowing that your money is secure and protected. Despite the lengthy history of the company which has built the reputation for the well-known and trusted financial services provider, it offers a secure base for trading.



It is true that the Interactive Brokers offers margin rates generally applicable to all customers. However, in different countries local regulators have different or more favourable margin rates. If locally-based margin rates for local customers are higher than IB rate for margins, the margin rates set from local regulatory authorities will be applied.

Additionally, leverage depending on the trading instrumentused, as well as the country in which you reside because regulations restrict the risks that are associated with leverage. To make it easier for you to have an more knowing, IB provides an online tool that allows you to see the margins that are applicable at a glance , so that you can select the best trading conditions.

In general, the leverage could differ based on the location, ranging from 1:5 for Cryptocurrency CFDs and up to 1:400 on Forex however for clients who fall under the Australian ASIC regulation.



Types of accounts

The variety of accounts specially designed to meet every individual's requirements, and every specifications is considered to benefit both parties. It includes individual, Joint, Trust, IRA and UGMA/UTMA accounts.

While IB offers a wide range of account types that differ based on the preferences of the customer and preference, the account is not an account that is accessible via clients' portals, since it has integrated investment management which allows you to borrow from, earning, spending and invest funds across the globe.

Additionally, there are option trading opportunities for IBKR light and IBKR Pro conditions, which are made for experienced traders and day trading with certain order types, or commission-free trading which is widely regarded as to be among the top online trading options.

How do you set up your account?


Trade Account

Let's review of to understand what the personal group is The first group is called account for Traders and Investors which is suitable for traders or investors who are individuals and family offices, as well as small-scale business, friends or family advisors.

The other group is called institutional Accounts that are intended specifically for investment advisers registered and hedge funds and money managers, a private trading group, introducing brokerage, incentive plans administrator, SIPP administrator. Thirdly, the group is designed to serve Others Services accounts such as administrators, compliance officers teachers, referrers, and compliance officers.



Another amazing thing about IB as we can see in InteractiveBrokers Review is an advanced range of products. At some point, you'll be able to trade nearly all the things you can think of trading via IB platforms. The markets include Stocks, Options (Incl. Futures Options), Futures, Forex, CFDs, Warrants, Combinations, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Structured Products, Physical Metals, Inter-Commodity Spreads.

Of course, terms and laws applicable to certain regions may require different options, but overall you'll be able to get what you want to trade.




Let's take a look InteractiveBrokers Review of broker's system of trade fees, which are dependent on fees per trade, also depending on the product you trade, so their prices are very affordable since they do not have spreads, and makes it easy to do calculation.

When we looked at the complete fee structure which includes commission and fees for funding, inactivity fee platform fees, and other fees, we discovered Interactive Broker fees as low and competitive with other similar offerings.

Fees Fees for Interactive Brokers Fees for Trading Stations
Fee for deposit No No No
Fee for withdrawal No No No
Fee for inactivity Yes Yes Yes
Fee position Low Low Low


Our report on Trading Comission

Due to its global expansion and transparency, you'll receive an extremely tight spread that is defined by large liquidity and the commission that is due on every open trade.

Additionally the commissions are based on the amount of trades and the amount of money an order is. Active traders' program active traders program permits discount in accordance with the type of account and the amount of trading the trader makes which will lead to an enhanced price structure.


Interactive Brokers pricing is among the most competitive however commissions and other fees are complex due to the possibility of charges for changing positions or in other ways. Overall, the result is enjoyable, particularly when trading Stocks, Futures or EFPs.

Pricing on them is either fixed or tiered commissions, with the choice that you can make, to adhere to the fixed rate with no charges for regulatory compliance or to pay a low broker commission based on traded volumes through tiered rates to earn an incentive.

For example, look at the fees and costs of another well-known broker Plus500..

Comparative InteractiveBrokers fees as well as other brokers


Additional costs

Additionally, Interactive Brokers calculates an internal funding rate, based on a mixture of internationally recognized benchmarks for overnight deposits as well as real-time market rates that are traded and determined. This means that the IBKR's model of interest begins with fixing rates, and then incorporate the market's dynamic pricing to create the midpoint, which is also called a "Benchmark".

IBKR earns interest charges on loans made to margin on an ongoing basis. It publishes actual interest monthly on the third day of business in the month following.



Deposits and withdrawals

The payment options accepted by brokers cover the most commonly used choices, but you must be sure to check the applicable options to your specific residence because the payment methods can differ.

Deposit Options

The most popular options are offered which means you can conduct transfers or withdraw funds using transfer of funds via bank wire ACH Initiated US Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer initiated, through Online bill payment or check including the BPAY method, Canadian Bill, EFT Direct Rollover (IRA only) and much more. Additionally, IB allows transfer of funds between accounts within the IB.

Additionally, to facilitate the process of funding, IB introduced the Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard which lets cardholders pay and borrow directly from the funds in their Interactive Brokers account.

Is there a minimum investment amount for InteractiveBrokers?

The minimum deposit amount is different for each account type, and also because IB announces expanding programs and options for trading at low costs, they reduce deposit requirements. A typical personal account needs a minimum deposit of 2,000$ and those with a Friends and Family Advisor account require Friends and Family Advisor only 200dollars. Also, the requirements may vary based on the location, e.g. Indian residents have to pay 500$ for a deposit in order to begin.

Interactive Brokers minimum deposit, compared to other brokers

  Interactive Brokers Many Other Brokers
Minimum Deposit $2,000 $500


Withdrawals of money are can be done through a withdrawal request made on the page for Fund Transfers page, which you must submit within Account Management. The best part is that IB permits one withdrawal for freeevery month without having to pay a fee for withdrawal Also, withdrawal options are accessible and based on location.

In addition, if you decide to withdraw money at any time during the current period, IB charges fees on each subsequent withdrawal.



Trading Platforms

The variety of IB Platforms is comprised of a variety of software that can be used on all your devices and is based on your personal preferences. In general, the technology solution of Interactive Brokers definitely at the top level has flexible capabilities and flexibility , while at the same at the same time.

Beyond the option among the platforms, all offers a variety of trading products, with advanced analysis tools , and other features that are only available at Interactive Brokers.

Pros Cons
A great platform that is suitable for traders of all sizes and professionals. Platform can be challenging to learn for beginners.
Mainstay on the multiplely granted proprietary trader workstations TWS  
Trade with confidence using a wide assortment of tools  
Good charting and clean view.  
Real-time view that includes reports, performance metrics and more  
IBot, APIs  

Desktop Platform

Desktop TWS the platform that has won a large variety of prizes. A flagship platform for traders of large volumes and many trades. TWS offers powerful and flexible features while also being able to work with the most modern algorithms and tools.


The enhancement is provided by the real-time and complete information, market research, and news data. Along with the most current monitoring available at any time, and tools for managing risk. Additionally, the software is never stops developing, which means you can download different versions of the software, even those that are under the tests.

Mobile Trading Platform

IBKR Mobile application allows for easy trading in any condition on phone smartphone running Android and iOS. It could be similar to the desktop version because it offers a wide range of sophisticated quotes and researchers and the ability to manage your account.

The highest level of security for trading can be assured by a variety of ways, and the platform provides a pre-authorization to inform the business about any purchase of 1.000USD or more.


Tools for trading

Alongside the best software and technology There is an extensive collection of products that improve capabilities more. One of them is the following, as we can see through our review of InteractiveBrokers.

IBot is a voice-based chat trading interface for traders who are on the move that can speak native languages and is accessible on the TWS Desktop as well as Mobile.

IB APIs provides easy-to-use tools to those looking to create your own software for trading, or automated trading software. The application can be developed by using IB API programming languages or as a result of FIX CTCI.

*QuickTrade gives you access to your IB account, which has a simplified trading interface. You can easily place orders for various asset types in Account Management and works the similar way to WebTrader's Order Management Panel in WebTrader.

Web Platform

Additionally, you can make use of the IB WebTrader an online trading platform that has the same functionality similar to IB Desktop. There are over 120 global markets accessible through a single account with excellent performance regardless of connectivity.


Customer Support

InteractiveBrokers worldwide presence provides numerous support for traders that are provided by experienced and well-established centers. Additionally, customer support is determined by which type of client that is individual investors or separate ones for institutions.

Regular traders also have the convenience of phone support and live chat rooms as well as a search for contacts, and the ability to report problems as well as send general feedback. You can also use the feature poll to make requests for new features. In the end, this kind of professionalism is not found among brokers. Lastly, we must remark on the excellent service offered by InteractiveBrokers generally and specifically.



The selection of educational toolsinsight and technological solutions to improve trading such as numerous apps, widgets or even a new software are accessible too. In addition, IB being one of the largest trading companies in the world is able to provide support through high-quality educational materials via its well-established Traders Academy.

You can find Tools for trading and Investment Products Courses. Risk analysis courses and risk management, as well as videos webinars, trading perspectives, news, and most recently updates.




In general, globally regulated in a number of financial centers Interactive Brokers is known for its low commission rates as well as an sophisticated array of markets and technological solutions to trade as well as its continuous development and accessibility of most recent products like Bitcoin trades through CFD. The thing we must be certain of is that the IB excellent service offered by the broker is its technical advancement. A variety of tools and platforms cover the most complex needs as well as bringing performance and convenience. The extensive suggestions for traders of all kinds that include different levels of traders, or institutions of various kinds that provide the most efficient technology for the advantage of both the parties.

Properties Values
Interactive Brokers
Minimum Diposit
$ 2000
ASIC (Australia),IIROC (Canada),SEBI (India),CSSF (Luxembourg),FCA (United Kingdom),
United States
One Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830, United States
Payment Method
Mastercard,Credit Card,Wire,Sepa,Giropay,,
Properties Values
0.1-5 pips
Min Position size
Broker Type
ECN (electronic communications networks),,,,,
Account Type
Mini account,Standard,,
Brokers by Country
US Forex Brokers,,
Hedging Forex Brokers,Automated Trading Brokers,Mobile Trading Brokers,,
Forex Trading Brokers,Gold Trading Brokers,CFD Trading Brokers,Oil Trading Brokers,Commodity Forex Brokers,Indexes Trading Brokers,,
Account currency
Economic Calendar,Charting Software,Calculators,Pip Calculator,Margin Calculator,Profit Calculator,,,,,
Website Languages
Support languages
Reviews Rating
Withdrawal Fee
Trading Signals
Free Education
Daily News
Demo account
1. Low trading fees
2. Wide range of products
3. Many great research tools
1.  Complicated account opening process
2. Complex desktop trading platform
3. Understaffed customer service
Display Analysis
Serving country
Not Serving country
Market analysis
Copy Trading Brokers
Bitcoin Forex Brokers
Social trading
Web trading
Forex pairs
Myfxbook Auto trade,Mql5 signals,,
Mobile Trading
Automated Trading
Partnership Programs
Free Phone
Customer Support
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