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What exactly is FXPrimus?

FXPRIMUS is licensed by several jurisdictions and online trading firms that strive to provide security and fastest execution speeds, paired with innovative technologyand many rewards that recognize FXPrimus as the most reliable Forex supplier to their customers. The company has its headquarters in Vanuatu as well as the establishment of a Forex broker that is located in Cyprus, South Africa and other nations around the world to meet the needs of all over the world of their customers.

FXPRIMUS operates as part one of FXPrimus Group through three main brands. Clients can get access to a large amount of liquidity that is provided by the top-of-the-line international banks, which are accessible anywhere within the Forex. 

FXPrimus Pros and Cons

FXPrimus is a reputable broker that is regulated by top authorities, which include CySEC as well as FSCA South Africa. FXPrimus offers professional training and outstanding research for those who are new to the field. It is the largest brokers that operates in South Africa, there is many trading platforms and all trade styles are supported.

On the flip side, the offers are dependent in Forex as well as CFDs.


10 Points Summary

Headquarters Vanuatu
Regulation CySEC, FSCA, VFSC
Platforms MT4
Instruments Forex as well as CFD items, Cryptocurrency, Indices, Commodities
Spread EUR/USD 1.7 pip
Demo Account Available
Minimum deposit 100$
Base currencies Various base currencies
Education Webinars and free education, seminars and financial EXPOs
Customer Support 24/5


One of the most appealing products offered by FXPrimus is that it has established itself as one of the most secure and profitable online trading platforms offering prices starting at 0.01 pip. In all, FXPrimus numerous achievements along with its advanced trading terms were praised by global traders more than 100,000 and international magazines and publications. These awards include names like Top Forex Broker Europe 2019 by FxDailyInfo Awards, Most Trusted Broker Asia by Global Brands Awards and more.


Is FXPrimus legitimate or safe?

Yes, FXPrimus is not a fraud, it's an authorized broker that also offers Professional Indemnity insurance that covers up in excess of 2.5m EUR for low risk Forex and CFDs trading.

Is FXPrimus licensed?

Concerning FXPrimus legitimate status and regulations, it is a matter of fact, as the brand is used for Primus Global Ltd earlier named FX Primus Europe (CY) Ltd as well as being a part of the FXPrimus group, a international trading company that has several representative offices. With its headquarter in Cyprus the broker is licensed to offer services to European customers as per Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC regulation.

Additionally, FXPrimus is regulated by other jurisdictions and has a license of FSCA (South Africa) that allows residents of South Africa and international traders to participate in trading fairly easily. Additionally, FXPrimus serves entity and is regulated by VFSC (Vanuatu), which is an offshore license which in reality doesn't require any strict or essential security measures.

If the business is solely offshore, we do not recommend trading with or relying on the company, however, FXPrimus is an European broker, and because of its many adherence to Forex policies, FXPrimus can be considered to provide a secure trading environment.

FXPrimus entity Regulation and Licence
Primus Global Ltd The Regulated By CySEC (Cyprus) Registration number. 261/14
Primus Markets INTL Limited Autorized through VFSC (Vanuatu) registration number. 14595
Primus Africa (Pty) Ltd Autorized through FSCA (South African) registration no. 46675

Does FXPrimus have legal status in Malaysia?

FXPrimus is not any legal entity in Malaysia or is it is regulated in Malaysia by the authorities responsible for regulating financial companies Bank Negara Malaysia BNM. It doesn't mean that if you're trading in Malaysia you are not able to create an account at FXPrimus The broker is a Vanuatu company that accepts customers from around the world. This simply means that you'll open your account at a company that is not restricted in Malaysia.

It could be confusing at times, but FXPrimus is known as being a safe broker. Therefore, it is your choice decision to decide whether to take a chance or choose not to.

FXPRIMUS regulation

What are the best ways to protect yourself?

Security for investors with the compliance to set rules are carried out in various ways, as the broker is required to ensure that money is kept in separate banks and to ensure that the accounts are always secure. The rules are regularly monitored and inspected by regulatory bodies and we bring to you why a the broker that is regulated is considered to be as safe and, ultimately, the only brokers we recommend.

Additionally, all clients trading under Negative Balance Protection in order to ensure you not suffer losses that are greater than the account balance. In addition to this security measure, FXPRIMUS has also introduced the insurance of client funds worth EUR2.5million that is available at no cost to all customers.



Leverage is the instrument by which you are able to trade a significant amount of money, because of the ability of leverage to increase the initial balance by an amount of time as defined by the instrument and as being regulated. Leverage can increase your risk of being exposed to markets, but the chance of losing or making profits increases by a significant amount, making it important to know how to leverage your money effectively.

It is evident that FXPrimus is a licensed broker that offers leverage levels set by the regulationseach authority sets. This means that you must check with the company's customer service first, to find out what leverage level you are eligible to utilize, as it is determined by your location at the time of your visit or in another. It's also the case that you can choose the entity you want to create an account, but check this out using FXPrimus first.

  • Trading on European FXPrimus in accordance with CySEC in addition to MiFID guidelines, the maximum leverage is set at 1:30 for Forex instruments
  • South Africa entity and traders could be exposed to leverage of 1:200 for currency pairs , and smaller for other instruments
  • An international entity of FXPrimus located in Vanuatu lets you trade using very high leverage as high as 1:300.


Types of accounts

The types of accounts provided by FXPrimus are also a reflection of its efforts to meet the needs of traders who are just beginning their careers, as well as those who require specific requirements and professional traders.

The variety of account options that are offered by FXPrimus that allow access to markets and trading with different spreads and the ability to trade any of instruments offered by the company. Additionally, you will trade on a competitive spread and have no commission feesalong with unlimited access to information and research tools as we'll explore more thoroughly during the course of our FxPrimus review.


Pros Cons
Multiple Account options , including ECN as well as Variable Spread Accounts, Islamic Accounts None
Fast Account Opening, completely digital  
Demo Account  
Low Minimum deposit  
Free deposit  

Account Types

The FXPrimus accounts available include the Live Account and Demo accounts to practice with or exploration of a platform. However, account types are separated according to the amount of money invested and, naturally, the spreads will be lower in the event that you use a higher quality accounts. Additionally, you have access to Micro Account trading. micro account trading option by allowing you to trade micro lots.

In addition, Premium Accounts have access to other services, such as weekly financial trading seminars and comes with the low spreads.

The Variable Account, which is which is also known as Standard Account will require 1000dollars, FXPrimus ECN Premium Account 2500$, and VIP Accounts - 10,000$ that can also vary in accordance with the organization of FXPrimus that you trade with.

Additionally, there is the possibility of requesting an Islamic Account known as Swap-free account that allows traders who adhere to the Islamic faith can use to participate in the trading market with no fees for swaps or spread widening.

FXPRIMUS account

How do I create a Forex Demo account?

In order to set up Demo Accounts it is a wonderful and essential option to trial before jumping into Live trading, simply follow the steps below.

Then, once you're all set, you can begin the process of confirming your identity. Then, you can open your live Account and enjoy all benefits of FXPrimus.

Step by step

1. Access FXPrimus Sign In the page

2. Fill in your personal details Your First Name and Last Name as well as the Country where you reside, your email address, phone number, and so on. Additionally, you can join with a Facebook or Google existing accounts.

3. Gain access to your trading area by verifying sent via email

4. Once you're ready, you'll be able to start Live trading using the preferred option in your client area

Trading Instruments

With FXPrimus, you'll be able to trade more than 120 instruments that include the Forex market, Commodities, Stocks, Energy, indices, and cryptocurrency. While at times trading instruments might seem limited when compared to other brokers, there are sufficient popular trading instruments to diversify your portfolio, especially with the FXPrimus's cost-wide. FXPrimus and which we'll discuss in detail in our FXPrimus Review.

FXPRIMUS instruments

FxPrimus Markets compared to similar Brokers

It is also beneficial to evaluate FXPrimus against other offerings in the industry In the following table you will find available instruments and assets.

  FXPrimus FXTM XM
Forex 44 57 57
Indices 13 11 18
Commodities 7 6 15
Cryptocurrency 7 4 5
Shares 65 174 1294



FXPrimus Fees are charged when all styles of trading are accepted at FXPrimus which is based on extremely very tight spreads and competitive costs for trading which include spreads that are 0.1 per cent, and no commission. If you choose an option to trade via ECN connection using raw spreads, you'll be charged 10$ commission per lot.

Additionally, you must be aware of other costs, such as withdrawal fees, fees that are not related to trading, that we'll discuss in greater detail later.

A summary of the fees for non-trading

The fees must be considered by you as well, in general brokers charge their clients when they do not have any activity over a period of 6 months or more which is called FXPrimus Inactivity Fee.

However, FXPrimus covers your charges for withdrawals or deposits, which we'll discuss further during the FXPrimus review.


Fees FXPrimus Fees FXTM Fees AvaTrade Fees
Fee for deposit No No No
The fee for withdrawing No No No
Fee for inactivity Yes Yes Yes
Fee rating Average Average Low




FXPrimus's Forex fees are quite high. We have found that FXPrimus' fees are for Standard account are quite high in the market for currencies, however they provide a very attractive service for Cryptocurrency as well as Commodities.

ECN account charges are very friendly and are applicable to all instruments together with an amount of commission per lot (see image below. To illustrate one can look up the table of comparison and view typical spreads of FXPrimus as well as other well-known CFD Brokers. In addition, you can see the trading terms of another well-known broker TempleFX..


Asset/ Pair FXPrimus Spread FXTM Spread AvaTrade Spread
EUR USD Spread 1.7 Pips 1.5 pips 1.3 pip
Crude Oil WTI Spread 5 pip 9pips 3 pip
Gold Spread 26 9 40
BTC USD Spread 26 20 0.75%

FXPrimus rollover

Additionally, you should always think about the rollover as well as overnight fees as a fee that is charged for positions that are held for more than a day . It is determined by the direction in which you trade buying or selling and is a the difference between the bids. The same applies when the GBP USD, the pair swap rate is 2.0485 when you are short and -12.282 for a long-term position.


Withdrawals and Deposits

FXPRIMUS offers a variety of funding solutions that are convenient for clients around the world, allowing them clients to fund their accounts with security, trust and security. But, make sure that you verify with your location and the company of FXPrimus, what terms and methods are appropriate to you.

Deposit Methods

The deposit can be made by a variety of methods. In the process, FXprimus rewards clients by covering the costs and costs. However, you must always verify with your financial institution to determine if any fees can be waived based on its own rules.

In terms of the techniques themselves you are able to use

  • Transfers to banks
  • Credit card transactions and the ability of issuance the FXPRIMUS MasterCardthat lets you make a quick transaction that requires a minimum of $100.
  • E-walletsincluding similar Neteller, Skrill, giropay bitpay, unionpay webmoney, and many more

FXPRIMUS deposit

FXPrimus minimum deposit

The minimum amount to deposit is 1000$ to start the Standard Account. The minimum transfer amount is 100$. Therefore, you are able to choose the most appropriate method and the amount you want to transfer.

So the Variable Account, which is also known as Standard Account needs - 1000dollars, FXPrimus ECN Premium Account at 2,500$ and VIP Accounts - 10,000$ and may also differ depending on the company of FXPrimus that you trade with.

The minimum FXPrimus deposit, compared to other brokers

  FXPrimus The majority of other brokers
Minimum Deposit $1000 $500


The withdrawals of FXPrimus are free of charge. Methods for withdrawal are presented in the same way as deposits. Also, be sure to inquire regarding its withdrawal policies. Due to certain regulations, withdrawal methods must be identical the way a deposit was made.

How do I withdraw my funds from FXPrimus?

If you choose to withdraw funds from your FXPrimus bank account, you will need to log in to your account in the first step. You must also submit a required. Then, follow these steps to withdraw funds from FXPrimus

  1. Log in to your account
  2. You can access the page for withdrawal in the Account area.
  3. Choose the withdrawal method you prefer along with the money you would like to withdraw, select "Withdraw"
  4. Fill out the withdrawal form with the necessary information
  5. Confirm withdrawal and submit
  6. Keep track of the progress on your Account


Trading Platforms

To trade on FXPrimus's 120+ instruments,you have access to everything from the most well-known MetaTrader platform available designed for mobile and desktop trading.

Platform Ratings

Since the broker has decided to stay with MetaTrader4 the available versions are of the platform for desktop Windows, Mac, Android and iOS mobile trading devices, as well as the MetaTrader Platform web Trader.

MT4 on Windows & Mac on Windows and Mac Desktop, Tablet, Mobile & Webtrader in conjunction in conjunction with VPS Connect to your Trading Platform quickly and efficiently processing orders. That's definitely an impressive rating.

Web Trading

Web-based trading platforms are an extremely useful instrument for trading, because you only need to log in to your account using any web browser and take advantage of FXPrimus's capabilities. Because it utilizes MT4 layouts and designs, WebTrader has a clean display, a variety of enhancement tools and tools all available to you, however to get a comprehensive analysis of your daily trading we still suggest desktop versions.


Pros Cons
Design that is friendly to customers No platform that is proprietary
A wide variety of tools An analysis that is comparatively limited
Installation is not required.  
Clear look  

How to place your order

The process of placing an order is very simple procedure, since you can trade and trade straight from the charts using selecting the menu called 'Place Order'..

It's best to click it, navigate through the chart of the instrument you're planning to trade and select the desired preferences . You can choose market order or pending choose the appropriate risk levels with stop loss , and then take profits. You're done. Of course, you'll can fully control the position, and can close the trade by hand or alter it, if it exceeds the levels you have set.

Feel and look

FXPRIMUS platform

Desktop trading platform

If are a trader professional, or need more capabilities from the desktop version of the platform for you, then it's essential. You can choose to use to use the MT4 Desktop version either for Mac or Windows depending on the device you're using and take advantage of its full functionality.

With a desktop-based version you'll have access to various technical analysis options, as well as the excellent charting capabilities that MT4 is famous for along with the option of automating trading through the use of Expert Advisors, or EAs. The program is clear as well as a user-friendly interface that allows you to benefit or gain knowledge from the majority of accessible educational videos.

FXPrimus doesn't restrict the trading style, therefore you can choose to use Hedging or scalping, along with options for social trading that we will discuss in the future.


In fact, MT4 is very popular and well-known for its advanced charting feature and powerful tools. These tools can improve trading significantly. Also, MT4 is a very secure platform, and is in conjunction with the regulations.


Additionally, when trading through FXPrimus, you can benefit from its social trading features in conjunction with PAMM Broker. Facilitating connections among World Class fund managers and Followers via the PLATINUM API and Fix Protocol. You can sign up to become an account follower by following the steps shown below, or, if you're an experienced professional, FXPrimus has an attractive plan, offering which gives you more exposure to markets that you can visit on its official website.

How do you become a A Follower


Mobile Trading Platform

It's nearly impossible to think of trading without a mobile platform as it lets you keep track and keep up-to-date with the market's conditions whenever you're. FXPrimus Mobile platform also delights us with its array of chart and technical analysis options that it has and allows you to alter the design already well-designed that the app offers.

Alongside that, nearly all desktop and web platform functions are still accessible including fee reports as well as social trading capabilities. advanced tools for analysis.


Pros Cons
Design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate Face recognition is not a feature of the login.
Social trading capabilities  
Tools for technical analysis in the program  

Notifications and alerts

Alerts via email and SMS are yet another type of useful tools available on the FXPrimus MT4 platforms. giving you the flexibility of having to watch charts constantly. You can choose one or more instruments of them, you are currently watching and set the levels you want to see of price, which means you'll be notified directly via email or phone whenever the price is reached.


Customer Support

Concerning the Customer Support, FXPrimus strives to ensure that you are comfortable through every step of opening a new account trading, account opening and the usual services. There are many languages supported and are covered by FXPrimus's entities all over the globe.

You can reach support at any time and expect a top-quality service . The support team is can be reached through Live Chat, International Phone Lines and via email. 


In addition to offering a wide range of services and a wide range of services, the broker's efforts focused to implementing specific strategies using the latest education resources that are suitable for traders at different levels. The crafted education system allows for better delivery and high-quality online trading which FXPrimus recognizes as an integral aspect of achieving the success of its.

Thus, traders who are just beginning their careers are the most welcome, as are scheduled Seminars throughout the world centers that allow the public to participate in trading too. FXPRIMUS education



Along with the latest training materials, the company experts offer a range of Research tools and other materials. This includes news feeds that are available directly to traders and aiding them in making informed choices every day market forecasts including trade signals and videos and training sessions, and custom-designed report on market conditions.

There are also a range of instruments for trading, Economic Calendar ad Trading Calculators are available as VIP clients can access Premium Trading signals as well as the Platinum API on a limited basis. Additionally, you can receive market news immediately via the SMS service which is extremely beneficial. 


In the end, FXPRIMUS is a broker with a broad variety of instruments available to trade as well as the selection of connection to the ECN along with raw spreads. Different traders with different sizes as well as expertise and strategy are assisted with education or other programs beginning with small amounts for starting or even to get a trading account. We also love that both beginners and professionals can find an appropriate trader, as will the wide range of tools for trading that cover the all the most frequently used and essential requirements too.

FXPRIMUS trading benefits

Properties Values
Minimum Diposit
$ 1,000
CySEC (Cyprus),FSCA (South Africa),FINRA (United States),VFSC (Vanuatu),,,,
Office 102, Zavos Kolonakiou Center, 25 Kolonakiou Street, Limassol, 4103, Cyprus
MT4,MT4 WebTerminal,Meta Trader Mobile,,,,
Payment Method
Visa,Mastercard,Wire,Skrill,Neteller,Giropay,Union Pay,Local bank transfer,,,,
Properties Values
1.7 pips
Min Position size
Broker Type
STP (Straight Through Processing),ECN (electronic communications networks),,,,,,
Account Type
Cent account,Mini account,Scalping,High Leverage,Islamic account,Standard,,,,
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Account currency
Charting Software,,,,
Website Languages
Support languages
Reviews Rating
Withdrawal Fee
Trading Signals
Free Education
Daily News
Demo account
1. FXPrimus is a reputable broker that is regulated by top authorities
2. which include CySEC as well as FSCA South Africa
3. FXPrimus offers professional training and outstanding research for those who are new to the field. It is the largest brokers that operates in South Africa, there is many trading platforms and all trade styles are supported.
1. the offers are dependent in Forex as well as CFDs.
Display Analysis
Serving country
Not Serving country
Market analysis
Copy Trading Brokers
Bitcoin Forex Brokers
Social trading
Web trading
Forex pairs
PAMM,MAMM,Myfxbook Auto trade,Mql5 signals,,,,
Mobile Trading
Automated Trading
Partnership Programs
Free Phone
+357 25262084
Customer Support
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