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What exactly is EVFX?

EVE or EVFX offers Electronic and voice connection to Foreign Exchange Spot, Forwards and Options markets. EVE is active in trading all major minor, exotic and even exotic currency pairs as well as the non-delirable Forwards (NDFs) and and precious Metals.

Thus, as an experienced brokerage firm EVFX has expanded its the range of services and in 2011 EVFX offers solutions for accessing the FX market and also as the majority of the top electronic platforms.

Of course, EVFX still continues to offer unrivalled access to the highest market liquidity via established agency voice desks and the choice of option and spot platforms.

EVFX Con and Pros

EVFX is a trusted broker with a good regulatory record. The service is a completely customized solution that includes a wide range of instruments, platforms, and a variety of liquidity providers.

To be honest, EVFX is not for beginners or smaller traders. There isn't any training available.

EVFX Review

Is EVFX secure or is it a scam?

It's not true, EVFX is not a fraud. As an UK based business and a UK-based company, EVFX operates and provides the services it provides in the fullest conformity with the legislation and rules. Electronic and Voice Exchange Limited (EVE) is registered in England with the Company and is well monitored through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In reality, FCA is one of the most rigorous authorities in the world who oversee financial institutions operating inside the UK. In accordance with the FCA rules the broker must maintain and ensure adequate in capitalalong with the appropriate operational standards as well as the highest degree of protection of the investors.

EVFX license

The regulatory status also implies that the company is able to segregate clients' money from company funds at all times. and is a part of the Scheme that protects clients in the event of company's bankruptcy, are covered by the FSCS (UK).

Trading Instruments

In order to provide more detail on the service, EVFX provides access to the trading markets, which include trading in spot forex and precious Metals Forwards, NDFs and options, along with CFDs, Futures and CFDs and equity exchanges.

In addition to the variety of options and markets, and the numerous ways to complete orders and trading itself The broker offers the most amazing modern software. Of course, support is another of the key features of the EVFX as you can be confident about the trustworthiness of the company and the constant assistance in every way and is always to your side for you to get the most satisfying trading experience.



Leverage, also known as a loan provided from the broker trader can be used to trade greater capital than the initial amount and can be a useful tool, however you should be cautious when using it. Recent updates to the regulatory framework from European ESMA established the maximum amount to 1:30. The authority recognized that leverage can not only to boost gains but also cause losses.

  • Thus this means that the EVFX can offer an maximum of 1:3 leverage only, whereas a professional trader who confirms its status can apply for higher leverage levels. Furthermore the leverage level is determined by the type of account you are using and you could be faced with a different margin as well.



The types of accounts offer an investment possibility for professionals, retail and institutional customers and all types of clients are able to find the right conditions using the right technology or services. Therefore, the types of accounts differ based on the investor' portfolio, type , and what trading instruments you intend to trade obviously as well as the options available on platforms.


Like account types, EVFX trading costs are split by the expert of the trader as well as the volume of transactions and trading method, as well as their NDD, or ECN execution method that provides affordable spreads. In general, the account types are designed to meet the customer's needs and all options are set and defined according to your individual requirements and the most appropriate match with your investment trading.

Fees EVFX Fees Fees for Interactive Brokers Goldwell Fees
Deposit Fees No No No
Charges for withdrawing No No No
Commission based fee Yes Yes Yes
Fee rating Low Low Average



Spread of EVFX or trading expenses are integrated within the spread offer, along with the commission applicable as specified for each trading instrument. It's difficult to determine an the exact definition of EVFX spread due to its custom to the needs of clients, but the typical spread for EUR/USD ranges at 0.1 pip. For instance, you could look up and contrast EVFX trading charges against its UK LCG counterpart. and LCG.

Be aware that based upon the market you want to trade you could select between different spreads, either fixed or variable in accordance with the strategy you would like to employ.

EVFX costs

Payment Methods

In terms of payment options and the method itself that offer traders the ability to transfer money to and out of the account, EVFX are not able to provide an array of options. But, the most popular Bank Wire Transfer and the cards payments are available at all times and are actually the most secure and also the most easy payment options to transfer of any amount.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit for EVFX is $500 and is contingent on the type of account you choose to create, as well as the trading conditions, which are in line with the broker's customer service.

EVFX minimum deposit is different from other brokers

  EVFX The majority of other brokers
Minimum Deposit $500 $500


Withdrawal EVFX are a simple process, you can request it through the account of your trading account and offer Bank Wire and Card payments. For transaction charges, Broker does not waive additional charges for withdrawals and deposits However, your payments provider might add charges for transactions.

EVFX funding

Trading Platforms

For trading program, EVFX truly stands at the front of the pack thanks to its extensive and broad choice of platforms that are centralized with a front office with all transaction transactions, regardless of platform are transmitted directly to EVFX's office systems, giving customers the benefit of a one Stop Shop solution. EVE provides a range of online trading platforms that are suitable for all traders. They also cover Spot Forwards, Options, and Ndfs. APIs are available across every one of them.

Particularly, FX Platforms that are available on EVForex comprise Currenex, FastMatch, Integral, FXall, digitalvega hotspotFX and solidFX. FXCMPRO, FXONE, API Trading which offers almost endless trading opportunities for every trader at any stage or level of experience.

If you'd like to trade in futures or equity platforms which cover the most widely used platforms too, with the performance is facilitated with electronic transaction models. digital transaction model. This is why it is an established fact that trader regardless of size or strategy is able to participate in trading because the range of trading platforms is remarkable and offers options to meet each individual's needs.

EVFX platforms

Furthermore, you have an opportunity to do this through Voice Trading, while EVE's voice desk offers customers the capability to conduct transactions that are large and with high sensitive.

EVE provides both the traditional Agency and Margin options, and Exotic currencies, which include NDF's (Non-Deliverable Forwards) and options strategies which are not electronically supported or liquid, but are can be used for profit. 


The EVForex review reveals the broker is based and licensed by the UK which provides various platforms to the most suitable fit for a particular trader might need. The company runs its business on an agency model and acts only as a broker, which means its goals are always aligned with those of their clients and that is an advantage. Although there aren't more than a handful of information offered by the broker regarding trading charges and terms It is evident that a an experienced trader will meet its trading requirements with EVFX the wide range of options of platforms and prices which will be met through the EVFX customized solution.

Properties Values
Minimum Diposit
$ 500
FCA (United Kingdom),,
United Kingdom
The Long Lodge, 265-269 Kingston Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3NW
Payment Method
Visa,Mastercard,Credit Card,Wire,,
Properties Values
0.1 pips
Min Position size
Broker Type
STP (Straight Through Processing),ECN (electronic communications networks),,,,
Account Type
Mini account,High Leverage,Standard,,
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1. EVFX is a reliable broker with good regulation.
2. The offering is solely tailored solution with great range of platforms, instruments, and various liquidity providers.
1. EVFX is not for beginning traders or smaller size traders, there is no education.
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