Eurotrader Broker Reviews and Full Information

Eurotrader is a financial services firm that provides online trading of forex, equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies to consumers and institutional traders. It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Clients may trade using the sophisticated but user-friendly MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms, which are available for desktop, web, and mobile devices, respectively. The broker provides very competitive trading conditions, which include narrow spreads, commission-free trading, quick execution speeds, a variety of account types, a variety of payment alternatives, and round-the-clock customer service and assistance. It also has a learning center that is jam-packed with resources such as trading guidelines, lesson videos and much more.

  • Regulated brokerage firm
  • User-friendly MetaTrader platforms
  • Hundreds of trading instruments
  • Tight spreads & low fees
  • Commission free trading accounts
  • Rapid trade execution speeds
  • Multiple payment options including eWallets & cryptos
  • Various trading account types
  • Minimum $50 deposit
  • Free VPS for qualifying clients
  • Eurotrader Academy
  • Islamic accounts
  • 24/5 customer support


  • No US clients


In 2015, Eurotrader was established as a fintech firm, owned by Eurotrade Global Limited, with an aim to give the finest turnkey solution in the financial markets to its customers. They are a Cyprus-based company with its headquarters in Limassol and are authorized to offer online trading goods and services.

Eurotrader strives to deliver the finest services possible to its customers in the financial markets by using the most up-to-date trading technologies. It has formed partnerships with top liquidity providers in order to price and execute transactions on behalf of its customers. As a result, the broker is able to provide very tight spreads starting at as little as 0.2 pips. Additionally, they provide highly cheap costs and commission-free trading account alternatives in addition to their narrow spreads and low fees.

With Eurotrader, you may trade a wide variety of trading instruments across a wide range of asset classes. With hundreds of assets available across numerous financial markets, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies, you may find something to suit your needs.

Eurotrader makes use of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which is well-known around the world, as well as its successor, the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. These platforms are well-known for being user-friendly and for having a large number of analytical and trading tools that can be used to aid customers in their trading.


A subsidiary of Swiss Asset Global AG, Eurotrader Group is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) (FINMA). The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) is in charge of financial regulation. Among those supervised are Swiss banks, insurance firms, stock exchanges, and securities dealers, in addition to other financial intermediaries in Switzerland.

Eurotrader is run by Eurotrade Investments RGB Ltd, a Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF) with the registration number HE317893, which is registered with the Cyprus Financial Services Authority. CySEC license number 279/15 identifies it as a company that is regulated and licensed by the Cypriot Securities and Exchange Commission.

Eurotrader is subject to the laws and regulations established by the European Union's Market of Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) as a consequence of its regulation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which allows it to expand its business throughout Europe.

All client monies should be kept separate, and enough digital security should be given via the use of secure socket layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts all user data before it is sent to the servers.

Eurotrade SA (Pty) Ltd (hereafter referred to as "Eurotrader") is a South African company that is registered and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) under license number FSP 44351. In addition to financial institutions that provide financial products and financial services, the Financial Services and Consumer Protection Agency (FSCA) regulates market conduct for financial institutions that are licensed under a financial sector law, such as banks, insurers, retirement funds and administrators, and market infrastructure.


Eurotrader does not provide its financial services to clients from the United States of America.

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4

Clients of Eurotrader can trade on one of the best trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 (MT4). This is a user-friendly platform that is flexible and can be customized to individual trader preferences. MT4 comes with a lot of built-in features including analytical tools, automated trading, 30 technical indicators, 24 drawing tools, 4 pending order types and other features which makes it a powerful trading platform. MT4 is fast, rugged, stable and versatile. Its features can be enhanced through plugin apps built with the MQL4 programming language. Eurotrader MT4 is available as downloadable softwares for Windows and MAC OS computers.

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is the next generation of the MetaTrader trading platform available for Eurotrader clients. It includes most of the same features as the previous version, MetaTrader 4 as well as its flexibility and user-friendly interface. MT5 also supports the coding, installation and activation of Expert Advisors (EAs) which automate trading strategies.

MT5 has more features and tools than its predecessor. It has more technical indicators (38) and graphical objects (44) as well as more trading timeframes (21 compared to 9 on the MT4). There are also 6 pending order types and inbuilt economic calendar. Clients can also interact with other traders on the MQL5 community forum.  The Eurotrader MT5 platform is available for both Windows and Mac desktop devices.

MetaTrader Mobile

The mobile versions of both the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are available for iOS and Android devices. The two apps have the same physical interface and similar features except that the MT5 has more tools and capabilities than the MT4. Both apps can be downloaded from the respective app stores. With the mobile trading apps, you can monitor the markets, perform technical analysis, enter and close trade positions. They do not have all of the same functionality and capabilities as the MetaTrader desktop platforms. The MetaTrader mobile app is suitable for those who would like to follow the markets and trade from the palm of their hands whilst on the move.

Trading Tools

You can use the Eurotrader trading tools and calculators to help you with your daily trading activities. There are tools for market analysis, money management and keeping up to date with the latest market news.

MT4/MT5 Trading Tools

Clients of Eurotrader have access to all the trading and analytical tools available on the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. This is also in addition to the real time financial information available and access to the MetaTrader market where various general and specialized trading tools like expert advisors, trading signals and indicators can be obtained.

Virtual Private Server

Eurotrader clients can get access to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that provides fast, flexible, safe, stable and uninterrupted access to your trading platform.

You can enjoy Eurotrader’s VPS for free, subject to specific deposit and trading requirements. The minimum required for a free VPS is for net deposits over 2,500 EUR/USD/GBP during the past 30 days. Paid subscriptions start from as little as €30+VAT/month.

A virtual private server, or VPS, is a virtual computer that you can access remotely and use as a private online dedicated server. It is a great way to run your trading platform 24/7, without needing your own computer switched on. This is especially useful for those who are running fully automated trading systems around the clock.

Some of the key Eurotrader VPS features includes:

  • Multiple languages
  • 24/5 VPS support
  • Low latency
  • Uninterrupted remote access
  • Watertight security
  • Blazing-fast speeds

Pip Value Calculator

This exclusive Eurotrader trading tool will help you find the value per pip in the base currency of your choice. Just fill in the deposit currency, the pip amount, the currency pair you are trading and the trade size (lots) and find out the pip value.

Margin Calculator

This exclusive Eurotrader trading tool will help you find the minimum amount required to open and maintain a new position. Just fill in the deposit currency, the currency pair you are trading, the trade size (lots) and the leverage and find out the required margin.

Profit & Loss Calculator

This exclusive Eurotrader trading tool will help you deciding which stop-loss and/or take-profit prices to set before activating the respective order. Just fill out the information below, choose whether you’re going long (buying) or short (selling) and hit calculate.

Currency Convertor

This tool enables you to calculate the foreign exchange rates of popular foreign currencies. Just select the currencies you’d like to convert to and from, enter the desired amount and hit calculate.

Risk Calculator

Manage risk effectively by calculating your trade lots, i.e. the right position size. Find out how many units you have to buy or sell to minimise the risk gap. Just set your deposit currency, the currency pair you are trading, your account balance, the percentage of your account that you want to risk and the stop loss.

Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar is a highly useful trading tool that you need in your arsenal. With it, you can track economic events and stay up to date with the latest market events, updates and data releases affecting the financial markets.

Crypto Calendar

The Crypto Calendar is an essential for your trading toolkit. Use the calendar to keep an eye on cryptocurrency listings, updates and other events that’ll help you shape your crypto decision-making.


Eurotrader Academy

Eurotrader deliver training for traders who are serious about getting the best from their trading. It’s academic and social, but not old school. So, no matter what level of experience you have, you can learn something new. Check out the latest tutorials on Eurotrader Academy and see how you can put the helpful trading tips to work


You will find a generous selection of in-depth basic and advanced eBooks on the brokers website.

The Trading Basics eBook provides an introduction to the trading ABCs, concepts and tools to boost your trading confidence. They will have you knowing your bulls from your bears in no time.

The Advanced Trading eBook is perfect for those ready to take the next step, or for the more skilled traders that simply need a refresher.

They have put all the necessary trading know-how in one handbook, which is a one-stop shop for the level-ups and recaps you may need.

Therefore, if you’re ready to learn something new, or just need a reminder of how to use the Economic Calendar, the Advanced Trading eBook can be very helpful.

There is also a Crypto Trading eBook, which is a complete guide that will help take the cryptic out of crypto.

Trading Guides

You will find a useful selection of trading guides on the Eurotrader website. These cover a range of subjects including a beginner’s guide to trading forex, learning the ropes of stock trading, an introduction to crypto trading, indices trading explained and commodities trading inside out. These trading guides will be especially useful for those who are just starting their online trading journey and looking to improve their knowledge.

Trading Video Courses

The Eurotrader academy has a selection of trading videos that cover the essentials of trading, technical trading, strategic trading and crypto trading.

Eurotrader Blog

You can dive into the latest trading insights and trends with the Eurotrader blog. Check out the Eurotrader blog for all the insights you need to help make better trading decisions.

Trading News

On its website, Eurotrader updates its traders with the financial news. This information enables clients to have a view of the background and happenings in the financial world which can be an important part of fundamental analysis.

Trading Platform Tutorials

You will find a selection of useful video tutorials on the Eurotrader website that explain in details how to use the platforms provided by the broker. These cover a range of different actions including how to place and manage orders.


There is a great range of trading instruments offered by Eurotrader. Whatever your interests, there is something for everyone to trade.

Forex Trading

Enter the world’s largest market with maximum liquidity and trade global currencies with a low-
cost and fast-execution account. Trade popular currency pairs such as the EUR/USD and GBP/USD along with more exotic currency pairs.

Stock Trading

Apple? Netflix? Tesla? Take your pick of the stocks and invest – with ZERO commission – on your favourites. They offer a trading community with all the tools, training resources and technical support traders need to manage the market’s ups and downs, from LSE to NYSE, Nasdaq to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Crypto Trading

Trade the most active and top-traded cryptocurrency pairs with enhanced security. Exclusive crypto trading tools, calculators, calendars and learning aids to deal with your FOMO and teach you to trade cryptocurrencies at either their all-time high or all-time low.

Indices Trading

Track the overall performance of selected stocks and trade with competitive rates and fast execution. You can trade indices and speculate on the leading stock markets of Europe, USA and Asia. Join the community and get the benefits of exclusive trading tool kits, the learning repository and superior support to trade up NASDAQ, FTSE and S&P 500.

Commodities Trading

With transparent pricing, tight spreads and dedicated support, you can trade the global energies and commodities market. Dive into a gold mine of information: exclusive in-depth learning resources, mates’ rates, exceptional customer service, superfast executions. Get everything you need to train up and trade up gold, silver, oil, Brent Crude or WTI Crude.

Accounts & Fees

Eurotrader offers 5 different types of live trading accounts that give access to trade forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices and commodities. Here are the account types:

Micro Account

This account was created for beginners as well as clients who wish to trade with smaller amounts. The minimum deposit is $50 whilst the typical spread is 1-1.2 pips. The maximum leverage is 1:500 and no commissions are charged on forex or stocks. The maximum trade size is 10 lots.

Elite Account

This account was created for traders with a little more knowledge and experience of trading. The minimum deposit is $500 and the maximum leverage allowed is 1:300. The minimum trade size allowed is 0.01 lots while the maximum is 50 lots. The average forex spread is 0.6-0.7 pips. In addition to having no trading commission while using this account, clients also get an account manager attached to them.

Zero Account

This account was designed for traders who trade more frequently, especially day traders and scalpers. It comes in 2 options, either with spreads from zero pips with commissions of $2.75 charged on forex trading or zero commissions with a small spread mark-up. The minimum opening balance is $500 for the zero spread option and $500 for the zero-commission option. The maximum leverage allowed is 1:300. The minimum trade size allowed is 0.01 lot while 50 lots is the maximum trade size allowed. The average forex spread is 0-0.3 pips for the zero spread option and 0.6-0.7 for the zero-commission option. Account holders also get an account manager.

Hero Account

This account was created for high end traders who demand the best of personalized service as well as the highest level trading conditions that the broker can offer. This is the premium account on Eurotrader and demands a minimum deposit of $25,000 to be used.

The maximum leverage available is 1:100. The minimum trade size allowed is 1 lot while the maximum is 1,000 lots. The average forex spread is 0 – 0.3 pips.  Commissions of $4 per round trip are charged on forex trades but no commission is charged on stocks. An account manager is attached to account holders.

Swap-free Account

This account was designed for clients who do not want to receive or earn interest on their trade positions that extend to the next day. This account can be useful for practising Muslims as they comply with Sharia law. There are no swap fees charged on this account. A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required whilst the maximum leverage available is 1:100. The minimum trade size allowed is 0.01 lots while the maximum is 50 lots. The average forex spread is 0.7-0.9 pips. An account manager is attached to account holders.

Demo Accounts

The Eurotrader demo account lets you practice trading online using virtual funds. This can be a great way to familiarise yourself with the brokers platforms and master your trading strategies until you build the confidence to open a real trading account.

Customer Service

Clients of Eurotrader who need to make inquiries, lay complaints or make other type of requests can reach the brokers customer service team either through phone lines, email, web chat or the online ‘get in touch’ form.  On social media, Eurotrader is on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The customer care team is available 24 hours a day for the 5 weekdays.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Eurotrader has a range of options for the deposits and withdrawal of funds to and from your trading account. The currencies accepted are US dollar, British pounds and Euros. The different currency options are beneficial as currency conversion fees do not apply when using an account in your own currency.

The minimum deposit is $50 while the maximum deposit is dependent on the verification of the account owner. For unverified accounts, the maximum is $2,000 but this limit is removed when the account is verified. The minimum withdrawal amount is $25 while the maximum is dependent on the funds in the account. Any payment or withdrawal method that is used for the first time requires verification.

Some fees may be charged when using certain payment methods. The withdrawal time can vary depending on the payment provider and method. Some payment systems may have transaction limits, restrictions, and requirements which are indicated on their respective websites.

You may need to verify your account to remove limits on particular methods in some countries. Eurotrader strictly does not accept third-party payments. All funds deposited into your trading account must be under the same name as your Eurotrader trading account.

Debit/Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard are the cards accepted. Card payments are processed instantly. Eurotrader does not charge any fees for funding and withdrawal with this method. Withdrawals are processed within a day.

Bank Transfer

Funds transfer through banking institutions are also allowed by Eurotrader. This takes 2-5 business days to process.  Clients are liable to pay bank charges incurred in the process but Eurotrader will not charge any commissions.

eWallet Payments

Eurotrader accepts e-wallet payments through Neteller and Skrill. The processing time for eWallet deposits are instant. Withdrawals are processed within one business day.


Eurotrader offers the opportunity to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrencies. The accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin cash. All cryptocurrency deposits are processed instantly while withdrawals take a business day.

Account Opening

To open an account on Eurotrader, click on either the ‘open account’ button. You will be taken to a page that will enquire if you are an individual or company.  Once you make your choice, you will be taken to a page where you will fill a form with your personal or company information. The form has 3 pages in all.

Fill your personal information, financial info, employment info and trading experience and account preferences. Once all the information is filled correctly, you will be sent an email to verify your email address. Once this is done, you are welcomed and given the information for your account as well as the download link for your preferred trading platform.

Eurotrader Account Opening Form

You are also prompted to send in your proof of residence and proof of identity for verification in order to satisfy anti-laundering laws and be legally allowed to trade on Eurotrader.


What is the Eurotrader minimum deposit?

The Eurotrader minimum deposit required to start trading is just $50. This is the amount you will ned to fund your account with in order to open a real live trading account with the broker. It is a relatively small amount especially when compared to some brokers who require a minimum deposit into the thousands.

How do I deposit money into Eurotrader?

You can deposit funds into your Eurotrader account in four simple steps:

  • Log in to My Eurotrader.
  • Click on Deposit, and select payment method.
  • Follow the instructions and deposit your desired amount.
  • Check for an email confirming your deposit.

You can choose from various payment methods for speedy and safe deposits. This includes bank transfer, credit/debit card, Neteller and Skrill. The account base currencies are EUR, USD, GBP & ZAR. Card and e-Wallet payments can be instant whereas bank transfers can take between 1-3 days to clear.

What are Eurotrader deposit fees?

All deposit fees are covered by Eurotrader. Keep in mind that whilst they cover fees on their side, your bank may charge you a deposit fee.

How do I withdraw money from Eurotrader?

You can withdraw funds from your Eurotrader account in four simple steps:

  • Log in to My Eurotrader.
  • Click on Withdraw, and select withdrawal method.
  • Follow the instructions and choose your withdrawal amount.
  • Check for an email confirming your withdrawal.

As with deposits, you can choose from various withdrawal methods for speedy and safe withdrawals. This includes bank transfer, credit/debit card, Neteller and Skrill. The account base currencies are EUR, USD, GBP & ZAR. Card and e-Wallet payments can be instant whereas bank transfers can take between 1-3 days to clear.

What are Eurotrader withdrawal fees?

If you are making withdrawals via card, the fee is covered by Eurotrader. If you are making a withdrawal via bank transfer or e-Wallet, only the fees on Eurotrader’s side are covered.

What is Eurotrader commission fee?

The commission fee at Eurotrader is dependent on the account type that you choose. The broker offers commission free accounts where the fee is included within the spread or commission-based accounts where the spreads start from just 0 pips.

The account types and their corresponding commission fees are as follows:

  • Micro: $0 commission on stocks and forex
  • Zero Spreads: $0 commission on stocks and $2.75 on forex
  • Zero Commission: $0 commission on stocks and forex
  • Hero: $0 commission on stocks and stocks $2 on forex

Are there any Eurotrader inactivity fees?

Eurotrader does not charge any inactivity fees. Some other brokers will help themselves to your account balance should you leave your account dormant for a sustained period of time.

What are Eurotrader account types?

Eurotrader offer a range of different account types to cater to each traders’ individual needs. You can choose between accounts with tighter spreads and a commission fee, or accounts with marked-up spreads and no commission fee.

The account type that you opt for is likely to depend on your trading strategy. For example, those of you who are scalping the markets, may require the zero-spread account. On the other hand, swing traders may not be so concerned with tight spreads and may therefore consider the commission free trading account.

Eurotrader have the following trading account options:

  • Micro: No commission, spreads from 1-1.2 pips, minimum $50 deposit, 1:500 max leverage
  • Zero Spreads: $0 commission on stocks, $2.75 commission on forex, spreads from 0-0.3 pips, minimum $500 deposit, 1:300 max leverage
  • Zero Commission: No commission, spreads from 0.6-0.7 pips, minimum $50 deposit, 1:300 max leverage
  • Hero: $0 commission on stocks, $2 commission on forex, spreads from 0-0.3 pips, minimum $25,500 deposit, 1:1000 max leverage

Is there a Eurotrader demo account?

Yes, you can open a free Eurotrader demo account which can be a great way to practice your trading strategies and get used to the brokers platforms before opening a real live account.

What are Eurotrader spreads?

Eurotrader have variable spreads depending on the account type that you opt for. The spreads on the commission free accounts start from 0.6 pips whereas the commission-based accounts have spreads starting from 0 pips.

The spread is the difference between the bid-ask prices, which you must pay on each trade you take with a broker. The difference between the highest price that a buyer is willing to pay for an asset and the lowest price that a seller is willing to accept is essentially what the spread is about.

What is Eurotrader leverage?

Eurotrader offers clients leverage of up to 1:500. It can vary depending on your location, account type and instruments being traded. Leverage essentially allows you to trade a more significant position size greater than you can without it.

Leverage is expressed as a ratio, for example if your leverage is 1:500, this means that you can hold a position that is the 500 times the value of your trading account. E.g. If your account had a balance of $1,000, you could take a position size of $500,000.

Whilst leverage can improve potential profit, it also significantly increases risk. Therefore, you should have a clear understanding of leverage and how it works before trading online with leveraged positions.

What are Eurotrader margin & stop-out levels?

To keep CFD positions open, you will need to have enough funds in your account to cover the brokers margin obligations. When the margin obligations are no longer covered, clients must immediately deposit additional cleared funds or close positions so that the funds in the account cover the margin. Margin shortages can arise quickly as market values change. Unless the client has sufficient funds in their account to cover these situations, there is a risk of having to close positions when the client may prefer not to.

Does Eurotrader allow hedging, scalping & expert advisors?

Yes, Eurotrader accepts all types of trading strategies that do not breach the broker terms and conditions, this includes hedging, scalping, and automated trading with expert advisors (EAs).

Is there a Eurotrader Islamic account?

Yes, as part of their commitment to being an inclusive platform, Eurotrader offer swap-free accounts for traders who cannot pay or earn interest due to their religious beliefs.

Swaps are the interest that you earn or the interest that you pay when holding onto a trade overnight. In Islam, the Sharia law prohibits the giving or receiving of interest in any form, hence the creation of swap-free Islamic accounts.

Swap-free accounts are just like regular trading accounts, but with one key difference: they are entirely without interest fees. Because of this, swap-free accounts make a suitable alternative for Muslim traders.

  • No swaps or interest charges at rollover times, making them compliant under Sharia law and suitable for our Muslim traders.
  • Allow you to hold positions for seven days, after which commissions will be charged for holding longer.
  • No hidden costs. No extra charges. No spread widening.
  • Not applicable for trading forex exotics.

If you already have a Eurotrader account, you can simply talk to the customer support team who will be able to convert the account type for you. Alternatively, you can select the swap-free account option when you sign up for a Eurotrader account.

What are Eurotrader trading instruments?

Eurotrader have a good range of trading instruments across different financial markets including CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Indices, Metals & Energies

How do I open a Eurotrader live account?

You can open a Eurotrader live account in just a few minutes by clicking the “start trading” button on the Eurotrader website, choosing your account type and completing the short application form.

How do I verify my Eurotrader account?

Once you have verified your Eurotrader account, you will be able to deposit funds and start trading. You can verify your Eurotrader account by uploading the following documents:

  • Proof of Identification: clear copy of a valid Passport, National ID, or Driver’s license.
  • Proof of Residence: clear copy of bank or credit card statement, utility bill (no more than 6 months old)

What is Eurotrader trading platform?

Eurotrader clients can choose between the popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. The MetaTrader platforms are used by millions of traders all over the globe and are well renowned for being user-friendly yet powerful enough to support the needs of even the most demanding traders.

Where can I download Eurotrader platform?

You can download the MetaTrader platforms directly from the broker’s website, whilst the mobile apps are readily available on the relevant app stores for iOS and Android devices. The web version of the MetaTrader platform can also be accessed directly from the broker’s website without downloading or installing any additional software.

Where is Eurotrader located?

Founded in 2015, Eurotrader is based in Limassol, Cyprus.

Is Eurotrader regulated?

Yes, Eurotrader is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa.

What countries does Eurotrader accept?

Eurotrader can accept traders from most countries worldwide with the exception of a few countries, including the USA.

Is Eurotrader a scam?

No, we do not believe that Eurotrader is a scam. They are a regulated brokerage firm that has been providing a broad range of trading products and services to clients for many years.

How can I contact Eurotrader support?

You can contact Eurotrader support via email, telephone, social media channels, live chat and by completing an online form. They are available 24/5 to answer any questions that you may have. We found them to be very prompt and polite in response to a variety of questions that we put forward to them.


Eurotrader is a regulated broker that offers around 200 instruments for trading online via the popular MetaTrader platforms, with a minimum deposit requirement of just $50. The use of the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms with their flexibility, ease of use and abundance of built-in features makes trading online with Eurotrader convenient and suitable for all trading styles and experience levels.

The broker has very competitive trading conditions including tight spreads, commission free trading, fast trade execution speeds, different account types, convenient funding options and 24/5 support. In addition to a top-class trading environment, Eurotrader also provides a training academy, financial news along with some useful trading tools to assist traders with their daily trading activities.

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